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Who loves beautiful women? Kandy readers! Who loves being treated like a nightlife VIP? Kandy readers! Who wants to know what women think? Kandy readers! Well, Kandy delivers all that and more …

Kandy Magazine, the fastest growing men’s lifestyle magazine app around the world, delivers month after month columns that today’s man demand. Get the freshest outlook on modern style and culture. Kandy offers a current perspective on the world around you with in-depth articles about gadgets, tech, nightlife, cars, music, movies, video games, athletes and celebrity interviews, and sports coverage on football, soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball and MMA. Every issue includes interviews, pictorials and videos of the hottest women in the world.  See what all the buzz is about and download the Free app today for your iPhone or iPad on Tunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aaa+-americas-kandy-magazine/id680924522 and for your Android device on GooglePlay at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mag.kandy

In less than two years the Kandy magazine ipad, iPhone, Android and Kindle apps have been downloaded in more than 140 countries reaching all corners of the globe. Every week, somewhere on this planet, Kandy is a top 10 purchased Men’s Interest magazine. Check Kandy out today!

Here are some of the topics Kandy covers:
- in-depth gadgets
- nightlife
- hot rides
- music
- movies
- video games
- sports and celebrity columns
- interviews, pictorials and videos of the most beautiful women in the world

Want to know more details?!?
* Kandy Models Photo Shoot Videos
* Interviews & Pictorials of the World’s Most Beautiful Women
* Exclusive Celebrity Interviews
* Pillow fights! Who doesn’t love pillow fights?!
* Apps, Gadgets, Video Games, Movies & Music Reviews
* Nightlife hotspots updates & VIP access tips
* Sports Columns & Opinions
* Sex & Dating Advice
* Health & Fitness Tips
* Fashion & Style

Start discovering the sweetness of life that only Kandy has to offer.

Kandy Koncierge – As a Kandy subscriber, you are immediately a member of an exclusive inner circle. The Koncierge brings you a network and knowledge only 1% of the population can access.

Kandy Nightlife – Wanna party like a rockstar but on a mid 20′s budget? Our nightlife insiders will teach you how.

Kandy Dating – The Kandy girls are here to cure reader mail dating ills and the girls of Kandy will share with you tips on how to go from being the hunter to the hunted!

Kandy Gear – Yeah, we all have a little geek inside of us no matter how hard we try to portray a cool exterior. So, for your inner geek, we provide the latest must-have gadgets.

Kandystand – The Kandystand is open and ready for business. The Kandystand girls reveal their wildest stories and deepest fantasies.

Read it online at www.kandymag.com
Twitter:  @mykandymagazine
Instagram: @kandymag

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