Decision on Pryor Appeal Expected Early This Week

Raiders rookie QB Terrelle Pryor is expecting to hear a decision on his appeal early this week.  The appeal was heard by the NFL last Thursday, and the League typically makes decisions known no later than Tuesday to allow teams time to prepare for the coming week’s games.

The Raiders selected Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft in August after the QB agreed to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s stipulation that he accept the same five-game suspension he would have incurred if he had stayed at Ohio State.  The agreement Pryor signed did not eliminate his right to appeal.

The Raiders are in favor of the appeal in hopes of that it will reduce or eliminate the current restrictions on Pryor. Pryor has signed a four-year, $2.7 million deal with Oakland.

The Indianapolis Colts’  hired Pryor’s former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel as a consultant on game days. Tressel lost his job as Ohio State coach and Pryor decided not to play his final season in Columbus because of their involvement in a scandal in which Buckeyes players received cash for memorabilia.

The Colts announced that they would essentially be giving Tressel a voluntary suspension for the first six games of the season

Pryor and his representatives had expressed mixed messages as to if the QB would appeal his suspension, but they ultimately decided to file. There are concerns from veteran players and agents over the NFL enforcing NCAA penalties as setting a dangerous precedent for the expansion of Goodell’s authority.

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