XFL Launches Football Advisory Network

Seattle- As the XFL gets ready for a second attempt at a successful league next February, they are finding new ways to get fans excited and engaging in content. On Monday, the XFL announced that they were starting a Football Advisory Network. The network will allow fans to share their views on anything football related. “We love the game of football and we want what our fans want,” said XFL President Jeffrey Pollack, in a released statement. The XFL is a league that listens, and the Football Advisory Network is an important platform that enables our direct connection to fans who share our love of football. This national panel will help us listen and learn from football fans in each of our eight markets and across the country.”


The XFL is attempting to improve its marketing from its previous experience in 2001. With the new platform, the XFL can monitor who likes what and get input on how to make this a successful year for the XFL. The XFL has eight teams for now and it looks like they are attempting to do what the Alliance of American Football (AAF) did this year. The AAF was more like a developmental league and it provided players with more game tape, opportunities, and kept football fans happy after the NFL season was finished. The AAF marketed themselves by getting sports reporters that were household names, former NFL players commentating, and let the players play football without controversial calls that altered a game. During the season opener for the AAF, there were 2.9M views.

With a new marketing strategy and fans hungry for more football after the Super Bowl, it will be interesting to see if the XFL will increase their ratings and become a new successful league or will it be another flop. Time will tell.

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