A win by the Bills is another step in the right direction

A low scoring 14-13 win by the Buffalo Bills led by Bills Josh Allen was yet another performance that brightened hope among Buffalo fans.

Allen threw efficiently and didn’t opt to run as we’ve come to appreciate, despite a rushing touchdown in the first half of play.

Allen went 13/26 for 204 yards. The team was also led by Robert Foster, a player that’s proved to be one of Allen’s most favorable targets.

Despite Matt Stafford having similar numbers to Allen, the Detroit Lions had a tough time rallying in the final minutes, taking a loss and bringing their record down to 5-9.

For the Bills, in an offense that needs improvements in many places, Allen is doing as much as he can to learn from mistakes week-to-week. His impulse to run is more contained and his accuracy has made steps throughout.

As far as their defense is concerned, led by Lorenzo Alexander, they showed they can be one of the best in the league and are capable of keeping in the Bills in any game, despite the matchup.

Looking forward, the Bills have a matchup against the New England Patriots, a rematch from earlier in the season that featured Derek Anderson. Allen has the first time to beat Tom Brady outright since the 2011 Bills with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm.

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