Week 2′s Sunday’s Super Seven

The Sunday slate of games in the NFL in Week 2, provided over 11 hours of entertaining action. But for those who missed out any of the terrific moments and stories, lets take a look back in this week’s version of Danny’s Super Seven. So for those who are reading this for the 1st time, this weekly article goes over some of the most interesting stories, plays and moments that happened in the 13 games that go on Sundays.

7.  Arizona’s Offense Has Been Offensive In The Opening 8 Quarters Of The Season

Has anyone noticed that the Arizona Cardinals have only scored 6 points in 2 games? Yes, 6 points total. One touchdown last week and this week’s awful showing on the field against the Los Angeles Rams. Now granted it was one of the best defenses in the league, but to have a grand total of 137 yards of total offense and not even break 100 until the 4th quarter screams a team needing help. With a roster that has future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald and one of the best all-purpose backs in David Johnson, being able to get the ball down the field shouldn’t be this hard. I know it’s Steve Wilks’s 2nd game on the job, but it could be an alarming note that he didn’t consider putting in rookie Quarterback Josh Rosen into the game on Sunday. I know that he’s a rookie and it might not be the best defensive to start his career against, but Sam Bradford went 17-27 for 90 yards.

If you put that into context, he averaged less than 3 yards an attempt or less than 6 yards a completed pass. It is time for a change in Arizona after 8 quarters, because you can’t be competitive when your team is a grand total of 4 for 20 on third downs this season.

6. Keelan With The Cole Blooded Catch

5. Vontae Davis Decides To Retire… At Home In The Middle Of A 28-6 Game At Halftime

In one of the most bizzare things that I have heard of in my years writing on sports, an former Pro-Bowl player decided to retire during a game. Vontae Davis decided that enough was enough and his NFL career was over during the Buffalo Bills loss at home to the Los Angeles Chargers. Davis asked to be taken out of the game, informed the coaching staff of his retirement, got dressed and left the stadium. In a post game statement his said


I can understand that you are not playing to the level in which you are used to being at on the field. I’m just as hard on myself as a writer, but to walk out on your teammates, coaches, organization and fans in the middle of the game is not even cool. At least finish the game and then retire during the middle of week. Just don’t do it during the game.

4. Kickers Missing The Target Again This Week 

After a week, where kicking was the story in the Pittsburgh/Cleveland tied game. NFL kickers collectively had a a day they would like to forget. In the 13 games played on Sunday, the 25 regular kickers (The Rams Greg Zuerlein was hurt in warmups and missed the game) missed 11 field goals and 7 extra points. So based on the number of missed kicks, there was an averaged of at least one missed field goal or extra point in every Sunday game. In the Cleveland/New Orleans game, there were 5 missed kicks ( 3 field goals and 2 extra points) and the Green Bay/Minnesota game there were 4 missed kicks (3 field goals and an extra point).

If Mason Crosby, Daniel Carlson or Zane Gonzalez makes any one of those 8 they missed combined, we would have avoided another tie game and the Browns losing streak would be over.

3. What Was The Better Moment?

Ryan Fitzpatrick in 99% of seasons would be the MVP based on his opening two weeks worth of stats. He has had two games of over 400 yards passing and 4 total touchdowns in each game. His team is undefeated and leading the NFC South. All this from a quarterback who has been underrated in this writer’s eye for years. In their win against the Philadelphia Eagles in week 2, Fitzpatrick had a tremendous game and 3 moments stood out. Which one was your favorite?

1. Ryan On The Field 

2. Ryan Off The Field

Either way we are winning.

2. Could This Have Been A More Perfect Pass?

1. Andy Reid Does It Again

It seems like everytime current Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid puts his hands on a Quarterback, that player turns into something special. Go all the way back to Reid’s days in Green Bay, the list of Quarterbacks he’s has tutored, mentored and developed can be talked about for days. But what he has now in 2018, could be the most talented one of them all. 2nd Year signal caller, Patrick Mahomes. not only has picked apart two of the AFC’s best teams, but the numbers he has put up in both games has been historic.

After throwing for 256 yards and 4 touchdowns in Los Angeles last week, Mahomes decided to turn the Steelers home opener into his own national coming out party. In the opening quarter, he threw 3 touchdown passes and put his team up by 21 points after 15 minutes of play. When it was all said and done, he finished with 6 touchdown passes (Yes, 6 touchdown passes). Now after 8 quarters as a starter in the NFL, he has 10 touchdown passes and an 18.2% touchdown rate (To put this in persepective, the league high last year was 7.5%). Oh by the way, Mahomes’s 10 touchdown passes are the most through 2 starts in league history.

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