You Watch The Super Bowl For The Commercials, Right?

Super Bowl Sunday, the day which many individuals feel as if this day should be considered a national holiday.  But, since this day falls on a Sunday, many individuals feel as if the Monday after the Super Bowl should also be a national holiday so that there is time to recover from the big game.

However, if you were to go back and take a poll of how many individuals focus on the game, versus focusing on the commercials during the game, which do you think would have a higher percentage?

Likely, the commercials.

The commercial spots that run during the Super Bowl are mostly new commercials that a brand specifically creates for the Big Game.  These brands spend millions on these commercials, but know that the next day, if the commercial is good enough and has a hook, everyone will be talking about the commercial spot.

What does talk do?  It leads to increased sales for the brand.

Now there are many different takes on what the best Super Bowl commercial is of all time.  So in order to take a neutral approach, this is just a list of commercial spots that everyone should know and remember.  You might now remember the name, but once you see, you will know the commercial spot.

The commercial spot that could very well be argued changed the way technology is today, is “1984,” Apple’s First Macintosh Commercial. (from Sean Collier)

The commercial spot every kid dreams about when meeting their favorite athlete, “Mean Joe Green,” from Coca- Cola. (from stiggerpao)

Now, two from Budweiser that brings a tear to any animal lover’s eye, “Puppy Love” (from Clevver News) and “Lost Dog.” (from Clevver News)

Rounding out the top five, “Fashionista Daddy” from Doritos (from FeaturedBestVideos)

There you have it, the top five Super Bowl commercials there is no reason you should never forget.

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