Wait I am Officially an Official, Sometimes

I want to share with you a tweet from @NFL_ATL it said, “Freezing temps will have a big effect on Wild Card weekend”. I wanted to tweet back, “The weather, this is what you’re worried about…. how about how the officials will affect the outcome of the games”.

When Mike Tomlin accidentally, and I stress the word accidentally stepped on to the field during the Ravens game this year the NFL acted like the sky was falling, gave him a huge fine and said the team would lose a draft pick. The NFL’s reasoning was that this accidental action by Coach Tomlin could affect the playoffs. Coach accepted his punishment with class and moved on.

The kick from Ryan Succop in the Chargers Chiefs game was clearly a penalty and I am not beating a dead horse but honestly the normally sure footed Succop would not have missed the second kick and the Steelers would be in the playoffs.

My question is this, what will be the punishment for the Refs (Bill Leavy’s crew). This clearly affected the playoffs. When Coach Tomlin did his accidental stepping on the coveted white line we were ready to take his next born child. In my humble opinion the wrong team is in the playoffs because of the no call.

Well what do we do? I have a few suggestions aside from the NFL calling Coach Tomlin and saying “Sorry about that… our bad,” (that did happen by the way).

  1. First make these refs full time, it is absurd that in the off season you have to be a Wal-Mart greeter. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)
  2. STOP CHANGING THE RULES!!!! Have you ever looked at the rulebook? It’s online for everyone to see and its crazy. We cannot expect the refs to memorize the whole thing for a part time job, so see #1.
  3. Please get rid of Bob Costas and his little man complex, I am pretty sure he had something to do with the whole thing.
  4. If we are going to allow reviews of plays, then let it be all the plays not just a few.
  5. Bring back clear Pepsi, it came out way before its time and now we are ready.

I think if these five things are done then we can all rest easy at night, well… most of them.

Anyway here is a great dish to make the playoffs delicious, even with the crooked refs.



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