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This year, the football video game superstar Madden NFL football is celebrating its 25th anniversary of the game and is doing something a little different for the game’s cover. On for the past month, fans of the game have been voting for their favorite players to be on the cover of the new Madden football game which will be released this coming August. Sportsnation on is promoting the vote for the game’s cover with a “March Madness” style bracket and is broken up into two sides, Old School which features players like Joe Montana and Dan Marino, and New School which features players like Arian Foster, Andrew Luck, and Robert Griffin III. All fans need to do is pick their favorite players in their match ups and hope they move on to the next round and get that much closer to becoming the new cover boy for this year’s Madden’s football game. Currently the Madden Cover Vote is in its third round and these are the match ups right now in the third round. Joe Montana vs Dan Marino, Ray Lewis vs. Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice vs. Michael Strahan, and Deion Sanders vs. Troy Aikman for the Old School side of the bracket. For the New School match ups they read like this; Colin Kapernick vs. Arian Foster, Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III vs. Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson vs. Rob Gronkowski.

The third round voting runs from March 27th-April 3rd then it is on to the Quarterfinals which runs from April 3rd-April 10th. The Semi-Finals run from April 10th-April 17th and the Final round runs from April 17th-April 24th where the winner of the Madden Cover Vote will be announced. So Madden fans log on to and make your pick for the new cover boy of Madden NFL 25 and Pre-Order Madden 25 at GameStop and

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