Un-bear-able, Bills lose by 32

If you had the Bears defense in fantasy football, then you were handsomely rewarded.

The Chicago Bears ate up the Buffalo Bills offensive woes that equated to a 41-9 Bears win. Once again, turnovers made the difference in the game, but in this loss, it was the offense as a whole that should take the blame, not just Nathan Peterman.

On some good throws by Peterman, the ball just failed to be caught by players like Kelvin Benjamin and Terrelle Pryor.

With 2:24 left in the third quarter, from close to 30 yards out of the endzone, Peterman made a near perfect throw to Benjamin, who despite being contested, put two hands on the ball however couldn’t bring it down for a score.

A poor incompletion by Pryor and costly fumble by tight end Jason Croom, proved to be detrimental to the outcome of the game.

The one thing you could give Peterman a knock for is his instinct to run the ball himself at the end of the first half rather than trying for a hail mary down field. Could it have possibly been a play in which Peterman was too scared put another interception on his record? All he could’ve done in the moment was throw it up for a touchdown, however his choice was to run the ball and take it to the sideline, effectively giving the team no chance for a touchdown.

It will be fun for the fans (and apparently EJ Manuel) to point fingers at the Bills quarterback, but there is an obvious belief in Peterman’s skills by the front office and coaching, and it showed in his most recent performance at home.

For one, he finished a game.


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