Tuck Thinks He Has Brady’s Number

The Patriots live and die with Tom Brady, and Giants defensive end Justin Tuck thinks he has the recipe for getting in Brady’s head and disrupting the Patriots precision passing game.  And it all starts with contact.

I think it starts with hitting him, even when you don’t actually get sacks, just keeping people around him so he can’t step up,” Tuck said.

“I think he gets a little frustrated when he has to go to his second or third receivers. You can kind of confuse him sometimes with our coverage. I think there are a lot of things that can get him rattled, but it just seems like not too many people are able to do that.”

In Super Bowl XLII, Brady was at the end of a nearly perfect season and the Giants defense was able to disrupt his rhythm in the Super Bowl.

“We had a lot of hits on him,” Tuck said. “Even when we didn’t hit him, he didn’t have the time to sit back there and allow some of the routes to develop. We know that as a D-line, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure that we are in his face. He is a hell of a quarterback, and he is going to do a lot of things to throw us off our rhythm.”

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