Tougher Than A Two Dollar Steak

Ok, the season is done and we have a champion, the Baltimore Ravens. As hard as it is for this Steeler fan to say, but I am happy for them. I just did not want San Fransisco to get six rings. The Super Bowl while it was a great game,  was exactly what I said it would be. The “Niners” had no pressure on Flacco so he looked like circa 2006 Peyton Manning. When Flacco is pressured, or has to play from behind his completion percentage does drop a bit; but I think the stats are tough to go by. The Ravens more often than not are good team and win more than they lose.

I think the biggest stat to me is that in his entire regular season career of 80 games do you know how many he has missed? Zero, that’s impressive. By the way that’s the AFC North. In this chef’s humble opinion  he is tougher than a two dollar steak.

This week that is what we are talking about tough meats, and how to make them not so tough. You want to be cheap and buy that on sale London broil and toss it on the grill? Go ahead just do something to it first for goodness sake or we will all be chewing for hours. Take a look at this video with moi and I will show you how to soften up that Flacco.

Go on click play everyone’s doing it, you want to be cool right?

Just to re-cap on how to get your tough piece of Flacco….or meat tender and juicy.
1. Always buy a good quality piece of meat, look for great marbling (The white fat in the meat)
2. Season your food or marinate. Salt and pepper at least. If you do marinate use a liquid as well not just a fat, flavor cannot transfer through just fat.
3. Always let the steak “rest” before you cut it or serve it. Meat will tense up, or seize as it cooks you have to give those juices time to re-distribute throughout the meat.  (See the diagram)
**side note**- if you eat your steak well done then I don’t know what to tell you, eat your shoe its probably not as tough.
If you follow these steps even the toughest Flacco  will go down into a tender and juicy morsel of deliciousness.
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Stay Hungry!
Chef Plum

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