Torry Holts: Guidance to a Successful Rookie Season


During the NFL Rookie Premiere, former player Torry Holt gave his insight on how to overcome your rookie season with success. Holt was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the first round as the sixth overall pick of the 1999 NFL Draft. Holt had an impressive rookie season recording 53 receptions, 788 total yards, six touchdowns. He even scored a trip to Super Bowl XXXIV where he earned his super bowl ring. Adding to an impressive career, he is still the only receiver in NFL history to record 1,300 or more yards in six consecutive seasons. Holt was also voted to play in seven Pro Bowls. He earned numerous awards during his career.

He spent his first ten years with the Rams and after being being traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots. Holt then retired with his first team the St. Louis Rams in 2012 after signing a ceremonial contract. And is remembered as one of the members of the “Greatest Show on Turf”.

When giving his speech to the rookies Holt gave advice about transitioning to the NFL but getting them to know the business side of the game also. Holt explained “if you don’t care of the game, you don’t take care of your business and be a professional then your career can be very short.” The game is already short term but without following protocol it can become shorter. Holt says the main points on getting through the rookie season were to, “be a pro, be serious about your work, be on time to every film session ready to study your opponent, practice, be respectful to the veterans, and most importantly treat the game with respect and enjoy the privilege of this job.” Holt adds  “A lot of these guys this is their dream, and so now their dream has come true, so now they have to do the most of going out and making it work.”

Holt has been recognized around the league for being a hard worker, and being idolized for his work ethic. Holt says “Work ethic is the key, anybody in the National Football League is good, everybody in the National Football League has the talent,but you separate yourself with how you work. The type of work that you do, the type of time that you put in of the National Football League.”

According to Holt “The game is a very detailed game, fast paced game, so your work ethic is key. The work you put in the film room understanding and studying your opponent, and the work that you put out on the field, and in the training room as well the weight room is very critical as well. Work ethic is huge, but staying consistent with your work, you know not working one day and taking one day off, working every single day to try to improve your craft. So I would say to guys, stay focused on your craft, put the work into your craft, and then you will see the results.”

At this point many rookies come into the league with a sense of entitlement a lot of times. Holt talked about some of the things he did to overcome this sense of entitlement. Holt says “I was fortunate enough when I came into the National Football League I had Isaac Bruce, Ricky Proehl, and veteran guys in front of me to show me how to be a pro every single day. It’s vital for rookies when they come in that they have someone like that in place some veteran in place that knows the game and knows how to go and approach the game.”

You need to know how to show respect being this is your first year in the NFL. Find someone that can be a mentor for you is key. The quicker you can find a mentor, the quicker it will help your transition from college to the NFL. Holt’s steps include but ” just the respect level, you need to show respect this is your first year in the National Football League, you don’t know anything about the league, you haven’t done anything yet, what you did in college is behind you, so you want to show respect pay homage to the veteran guys and then find someone that can be a mentor. Someone you can latch onto, pick their brains, ask questions, someone you can study, be around everyday find that mentor as quick as you can.”

By following the advice and guidance given by Torry Holt stated above, players can have longevity in this business and can also make it through a successful rookie season.

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