Torrey Smith Focused Only on Winning


baltimore-ravens-torrey-smith 350x350The NFL held its annual Super Bowl Media Day yesterday in New Orleans and it had its fair share of superstars present for the event. Ray Lewis, Colin Kapernick, Aldon Smith, Terrell Suggs, and Patrick Willis were just some of the many stars present at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. One superstar player that had a lot to say was Baltimore Ravens wide-out Torrey Smith who has made some big plays so far in the playoffs like scoring two big touchdowns against the Denver Broncos in the Ravens’ divisional round playoff win.

One player that has helped Smith grow as a player and shine in this year’s playoffs is Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. “Joe is a play maker and a great leader,” Smith commented on the Ravens quarterback. Smith added that, “He competes, but he doesn’t like it to show. Joe doesn’t want to let anyone see what he’s thinking.”

Earlier in the season, some NFL experts noted that Flacco looks like he doesn’t have that competitive drive or look in his eye when he is out there on the field but as many NFL fans can see; Flacco knows what he is doing and proved he does have that competitive edge by leading the Ravens to the big game.

Smith was also asked during Media Day why he thinks the Ravens made it to the Super Bowl while other teams like their long time rival, the Pittburgh Steelers didn’t make it this year. “We got hot at the right time. We kept working and you could see we were having better practices. That had to show on the field sometime.”

The Ravens won their Wild Card game against the Colts at home then went on to Denver and New England to defeat those teams and make it to the Super Bowl after the Ravens lost 3 of their last 4 games of the regular season.

One dramatic change that took place in mid season for the Ravens was the change in offensive coordinators when the Ravens replaced Cam Cameron with Jim Caldwell who was the head coach for the Indianapolis Colts just a year ago. “It’s been good, but I couldn’t pinpoint one thing,” Smith said about the change of offensive coordinators, and it sounds like it wasn’t that dramatic of a change at all.  Baltimore just got hot at the right time and started playing their best football of the year.

Later in the interview, the questions were directed towards the 49ers and what Smith saw in them as a team. “I think they are similar to the Steelers.  Like Pittsburgh, they are very physical.  And they have two guys that get after you, that are real physical in the middle in Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.”

Smith also had a couple things to say about the 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh: “He’s a great leader.  He has great thoughts about the game, as well as about life.  And he knows how to get his message across.  He’s the perfect coach for that.”

This game has the potential to be one of the best Super Bowls in years, with two great defenses going at it and both offenses having playmakers like the 49ers wColin Kapernick, Frank Gore, and Veron Davis and the Ravens one-two combo of Anquan Boldin and Smith.

Torrey Smith had some kind words to describe Boldin and Ray Lewis when he was questioned about them. “Boldin is the definition of a pro.  Faithful, religious, a great father.  He has always been willing to help me in any way.  And he is one of the great route runners of all-time, so I have certainly benefited from that.”

Smith has benefited greatly from Boldin being on the other side of the field because Boldin does draw double teams with the great route running skills that he possesses, which opens up holes deep down field for Smith.  This was on display in the divisional round game against the Broncos when Torrey Smith was able to break away for two big touchdown catches.

When asked about Lewis, Smith added, “When he started in 1996, I was seven years old.  I had known about him and I played with his brother in college.  I was starstruck when he came to Maryland to see him.  Now, I’m a teammate and I look at him like a brother you can talk to about anything.” Lewis had remained a constant presence in the Ravens locker room and on the field which his toughness, instincts, and never give up personality that rubs off on every player that has ever played with Lewis. Lewis will retire at the end of the season which will be Sunday night and it’s young guys like Torrey Smith that need to step up and be leaders for the future to career on the respectable, business like culture of the Baltimore Ravens.

Torrey is ready for the big game on Sunday night and when he was asked about how he carries himself and how he feels about partying in New Orleans, Smith said, “I’m kind of even keel, never get too high, never get too low. Winning the AFC was just another game, but maybe we celebrated a little more.  I don’t talk much on the field…we’re here to prepare for a game and I’m here to play a football game.” Sunday night will most certainly be an amazing game with some unknown players making big plays which will live in Super Bowl history forever but for Torrey Smith it’s just another game to prepare for and another game to win. Enough said.


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