Top Five Super Bowl MVPs Wearing Gold Jackets

Could it be so? Are the top five Super Bowl MVPs wearing gold jackets? Did becoming NFL MVPs project them into the Hall of Fame and many into a future in television? If the data speaks, it clearly looks like the past MVPs have a shiny Hall of Fame ring wearing futures ahead.
Let’s break down the Top Five HOF Super Bowl MVPs that are part of the golden jacket wearing fraternity (including one that will be receiving his jacket soon).Watch their Super Bowl winning plays and find out where they are today.


1. Joe Montana, Super Bowl XXIV(1990)

With 297 passing yards and five touchdowns Super Bowl XXIV was Joe Montana’s third yet most valuable trophy. Montana’s touchdown passes also set a record, but was broken by Steve Young years later. With that being said this particular performance was at another level and took out John Elway’s Broncos in the 55-10 victory. Furthermore, the 45 point win has been the largest in Super Bowl history. Leading us to believe that although it was his fourth Super Bowl win, this game it clearly marks him the number one Super Bowl MVP in NFL history. In addition to being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000, the Comeback Kid is currently living in San Francisco with his wife and children. Here he owns horses and produces wine under the label Montagia.

Watch Montana’s record breaking performance with the 49ers that spoiled the Broncos third attempt to win the big game with John Elway:

You can find Joe supporting his sons who also played collegiate football  and are pictured in this post:

Celebrating Nicky’s last game!

A photo posted by Joseph Montana (@joemontana) on

2. Marcus Allen, Super Bowl XVIII (1984)​ We all know Allen holds the record for most yards per carry in Super Bowl history at 9.6. He also had 191 rushing yards on 20 attempts and hit two third-quarter TD runs including one of 74 yard-er. This secured the LA Rams 38-9 victory against the Washington Redskins. Allen is now a football analyst for CBS, he is engaged to model Lauren Hunter and raising 2 year old baby together. Watch Allen’s MVP moves here:

Even #HOF have daddy duties!!! #footballsunday #love #family #sundayfunday #raidernation #raiders #toocute #drake #32 A photo posted by ᴸᴬᵁᴿᴱᴺ ᴴᵁᴺᵀᴱᴿ (@laurenashleyhunter) on

Allen tweeted support for the next generation of Heisman winner, Derrick Henry, saying:

3. Jerry Rice, Super Bowl XXIII (1989) Rice is the best wide out in the game but also played in possibly the second best Super Bowl ever played. The phenomhad eight  catches, 215 receiving yards and the 14-yard TD catch that allowed the comeback to give the San Francisco 49ers a 20-16 win over the Cincinnati Bengals. This Class of 2010 Hall of Famer is currently coaching the Pro Bowl, he has a book out called 50 Years, 50 Moments of the Most Unforgettable Super Bowl in History, and seems to be enjoying time- mimosas with his kids and girlfriend. Watch Joe Montana’s pass to Rice as one of the most clutch drives in Super Bowl history:     Rice posted this picture with his family and girlfriend on his 49ers home turf:

  Monday Night Football with crew!#GoNiners   A photo posted by Jerry Rice (@thejerryrice80) on

  4. Troy Aikman, Super Bowl XXVII (1993) Cowboys rebuild was centered around Mr.Aikman and it all started in 1993. Troy lead America’s team to a 52-17 win over the Buffalo Bills. Aikman’s MVP game he had 273 passing yards and four TD passes followed by leading the team to three of the next four Super Bowl victories. You could say this cemented his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006. Aikman is currently working at Fox network, has been doing work with Miller Lite, IDlife, and dating model Tracy Ripsin.   Watch Aikmen’s TD pass to Rocket Ismail which was one of his 5 TDs in a single game here:       Aikman tweeted this picture with Ripsin and Jimmy Johnson saying: “Always great spending time w Coach #floridakeys @JimmyJohnson “— Troy Aikman (@TroyAikman) July 9, 2015      
5. Kurt Warner, Super Bowl XXXIV (1999) *Future Hall of Fame Inductee Kurt has made enormous strides that began by checking bags at a grocery store. This Super Bowl MVP has achieved the American dream. Warner still holds the single game record for 414 passing yards in Super Bowl history. Do you remember that 73-yard TD pass to Isaac Bruce with less then a minute on the clock? His 23-16 win over the Titans proved one of the many reasons Warner is gold jacket worthy in 2016. He is now working part time at the NFL Network with these jokers (pictured below), is an active father of seven kids, and is focused on his philanthropy in the Phoenix area.


Watch Warner’s MVP moves here:

Warner enjoys his work at NFL Network saying:
“You know you made it when… You have your face on a sock???? Not so much! “ — Kurt Warner (@kurt13warner) January 17, 2016     

Who will be the Super Bowl 50′s most valuable player? Can Payton Manning or Cam Newton become the next best, get a gold jacket, and lead a crew as seen below? We will see who will rally the next greatest show on turf.

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