Top 5 Opening Night Quotes on Super Bowl 50 : Denver Broncos

Broncos Nation, are ready for the Big Show? Super Bowl 50′s Opening Day proved to show that the Peyton Manning and Broncos are ready and preparing, too.

Pro Player Insiders caught up with Charlotte ‘s cool cats and heard everything from Peyton Manning‘s  possible retirement,  Demariyus Thomas‘ mom being released from jail, Aqib Talib thoughts on Cam’s dance skills, T.J. Ward coming back to the Bay Area, and Emmanuel Sanders looking up to Deion Sanders aka Prime Time.


Here are PPI’s top 5 quotes of Super Bowl 50 Media Day:

Quarterback, Peyton Manning:

Will Peyton retire? “Yeah, I haven’t made up my mind, but I don’t see myself knowing that until after the season like I said earlier. Whatever cliché you want to use, but I kind of stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand and just deal with this week that’s what I’ve done all season. Coach Kubiak told me I’m not going to play against the Bears, I need some time to get healthy so I’m going to try and get healthy that week. I’m not going to play against the Patriots, I’m going to try to get a little better this week, and this week now you’re going to go in the indoor (facility) and throw some, let’s do that this week. Ok, we got to get back on the practice field this week, you get a chance to dress out against the Chargers, the backup quarterback, being in uniform at least I am available to make a contribution. I’ve really just tried to focus on that one week and not think too far ahead and that has really helped me out a lot. I think had I been thinking about things past that it would’ve affected me and so it’s really served me well till this point and I’m going to stick with that for one more week and obviously have a big task at hand with the Panthers in the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m going to stick to that philosophy.”

Wide Receiver,   Demariyus Thomas

How does Thomas feel about his mom coming to game after being released from jail? “Yes, she’ll be here. She’ll basically be proud because of all the ups and downs we went through and still be able to come to the Super Bowl, play in the NFL coming out of a small town, she’ll be very proud. She’s probably nervous right now. It’s her second time flying and then just being around all the people. She hasn’t been around a lot of people, especially like it’ll be right now for the Super Bowl. I think she’ll be fine, but it’ll be a little different.”020115SBOpeningBroncos_Blive_01-09627


Cornerback,  Aqib Talib:

What does Talib think  about the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton dancing? “It’s football, man. They score a touchdown, you dance. That’s been since day one, right? I score a touchdown, I’ll dance too. That’s football to me, man. Give y’all something to talk (about) though.Cam is a pretty good dancer. Man, I was checking him out. You know, he got it. He got it. He probably be practicing. Cam practicing and probably practicing. He’s a pretty good dancer though.”020115SBOpeningBroncos_Blive_01-09631

Safety, T.J. Ward:

What does it mean playing here and being from the Bay Area?  “Being a Bay Area kid, how has it been for you, must have a lot of ticket requests) “Yeah I have already seen a bunch of people, bunch of friends and family in one day. But you know for the most part they have respected my preparation and I haven’t been getting hit up too much.”020115SBOpeningBroncos_Blive_01-09632

Wide Receiver, Emmanuel Sanders

Which player does Emmanuel look up to? “I think it’s a dude that’s actually here right now. Last name, Sanders. Works for NFL Network. First name might be Deion. Nickname may be Prime Time. That was my idol growing up. Sanders on the back. When I was your age playing backyard football running around, I said, ‘Hey, I’m Deion, last name Sanders. I have to be 21.’ It was crazy how everything flip flops and all my dreams come true.”


If the looks on their faces and the energy from this team refects anything…we’d say Manning is leading a team to victory. Here are more candidates of Broncos Nation. Which players do you recognize?

– Theresa Villano

PHOTO CREDIT: Barry Lively, @LivelyNow

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