Top 10 Most Unbreakable NFL Records

As Drew Brees passed the legendary Johnny Unitas for 48 most consecutive games with a touchdown pass, the equivalent of breaking Joe DiMaggio’s consecutive games hitting streak of 56, here’s our list of Top 10 Most Unbreakable NFL Records, in no particular

  1. Otto Graham 10 Championship Game Appearances. Otto Graham led the Cleveland Browns to the first four Championships of the AAFC from 1946-1949 before joining the NFL. He led the Browns to 3 more championships in 1950, 1954 & 1955. 10 seasons, 10 championship games in two different leagues.
  2. Don Shula’s 347 Coaching Wins. A coaching career that lasted 32 seasons between the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins, Shula led his teams to five Super Bowl appearances, winning two of them, 14 Division Titles and just two losing seasons. If any coaches out there have any dreams of surpassing Shula’s coaching win record they would have to average 10 wins a season for the next 35 seasons. Good luck!
  3. Don Hutson’s 29 points in one quarter of football. One of the best wide receivers who ever played the game, some may consider even better than Jerry Rice. While that’s up for debate no one can debate that Don Hutson had the best 15 minutes of football of any player in the history of the game. In a 1945 game, Hutson caught 4 touchdowns and kicked 5 extra points in one quarter of football.
  4. George Blanda’s career spans 26 NFL Seasons. Starting his career in 1949 in the NFL with the Chicago Bears then moved to the AFL as a record setting quarterback for the Houston Oilers then back to the newly merged NFL with the Oakland Raiders as a quarterback and kicker. Blanda won the AFC Player of the Year at the age of 43 before retiring in 1975 at the age of 48. The closest anyone has approached that record was pure kicker Morten Andersen with 25 seasons.
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose their first 26 games in Franchise History. While the NFL has seen a few winless seasons from the Buccaneers and Detroit Lions along with a few teams from the early days of the NFL no team has ever opened theirs franchise existence with losing their first 26 games. Nothing more needs to be said. It won’t be eclipsed.
  6. Fewest Points Allowed in a Single Season with 44. In 1932 the original Monsters of the Midway Chicago Bears had a better defense than the Super Bowl Bears of 1985 allowing only 44 points in a single season on defense while pitching seven shutouts. But the odder stat of that season? The Bears scored just two points in their first two games, but only recorded one loss thanks to three 0-0 ties. The Bears defense allowed just 3.14 points per game.
  7. Ernie Nevers scores 40 points in a single game. But lets me be very clear on this record. Chicago Cardinals Ernie Nevers didn’t just score 40 points in a single game; he scored all 40 of them. In a game against the cross town rival Chicago Bears Ernie Nevers scored six touchdowns and four extra points to beat the Bears 40-6 on November 28, 1929, nearly one month after the famous stock market crash. Gale Sayers matched Nevers six touchdowns in one game but since Nevers kicked as well a player would have to score seven touchdowns to break the 40 point barrier. However, in today’s NFL no player will ever score all of their teams points which is why it makes this the NFL’s oldest and most unbreakable record.
  8. Mel Hein becomes the only Center to win MVP. Mel Hein played 15 seasons as a center and defensive linemen and was an All-Pro Center for the New hYork Football Giants (Yes, we’d say Football Giants at this time in history) from 1933-1940. Hein played on Giants championship teams in 1934 & 1938 and was on the losing end on of championship games in 1933, 35, 39, 41 & 44. Hein was a charter member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963. Still to this day he is the only Center not only to wear # 7 but to win an NFL MVP.
  9. Dallas Cowboys 20 Consecutive Winning Seasons. In the parity of today’s NFL it’s most likely that this record will never be broken. Led by Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry the Cowboys never had a losing season from 1966-1985. In that time 20 year time span the Cowboys had 18 playoffs appearances, 20 playoff victories, 13 NFC East Titles, 5 NFC Championship Titles and 2 Super Bowl Championships.
  10. Dick “Night Train” Lane’s 14 Interceptions in one season. Let’s break this one down, shall we. Detroit Lions Defensive Back Night Train Lane not only had 14 Interceptions in one season, but that season was only 12 games and this was also as a ROOKIE. Lane averaged 1.2 interceptions per game, essentially one pick per game. The closest anyone has come to the record was in 1980 when Oakland Raiders defensive back Lester Hayes had 13, but that was in a 16 game season. So when measuring this record you must look at not only someone getting 15 interceptions in the first twelve games, but also as a rookie.


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