Titans Owner Bud Adams, Turned off TV, Tired of Watching His Team Lose

After putting the team on notice weeks ago, the Titans still haven’t responded the way Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams had hoped. So much he grabbed the remote and turned the TV off and stopped watching the game, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

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“I was pretty upset,” Adams told Wyatt. “I just didn’t want to watch any more of that mess.”

The Titans lost to the Green Bay Packers 55-7. It’s second time this season that they allowed more than 50 points in a game. The first being a 51-20 home loss to the Chicago Bears, which is what prompted Adams to put the entire organization on notice, calling it the worst home loss in the team’s history of the Oilers or Titans.

After Mike Munchak led the Titans to a 9-7 record in his first season as a head coach, Adams was asked if he would consider firing Coach Munchak, who has spent his entire career as a player and coach with the organization.

“I like Mike, I really do. But liking him and getting the job done are two different things,” Adams said. “If he is not getting the job done, that is what I have to find out. Right now, we are not looking very good. Something is wrong and I want to find out what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.”

Last year the Titans had success with quarterback Matt Hasslebeck, who led the team to a winning record without an off-season due to the NFL Lockout. This year, the coaches thought Jake Locker was ready to take over this year. His inaccuracy and indecision this season has proved he is still not ready and will need more time to develop. Injuries to the offensive line were a factor for a lack of success as well as the firing of offensive coordinator Chris Palmer.

But will Munchak be gone after the season or will he get another chance to fix what is wrong with the team?

“I want to sit down with Mike and our guys and discuss the whole thing with them and see why we are not doing better,” Adams said. “It is not against the law to check with my people. Mike will tell me what he thinks is wrong. . . .

“I want to find out how he feels why we can’t win more games. The way we played today — my God, I wouldn’t even want to come and watch that.”

Adams is 89 years old and is getting antsy for a Super Bowl Trophy as he knows, biologically his time is limited.

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