Tips for NFL Cheerleader Auditions

It’s tryout time for all the NFL Cheerleader hopefuls around the country.  It’s a competition that many walks of life will enter into, but only a select few will be deemed the chosen ones for that specific year’s teams.  When you make the decision to tryout there are a few things you should take the time to dive into before presenting yourself on that big day, week or month; know the team, their style, have confidence in yourself and as always practice.


Knowledge is power!  When I say know the team you are ‘interviewing for’, because that exactly what you are doing, the first thing you want to do is review their website.  Do your research to see what their past cheerleaders look like and assess their style.  Does their team like blondes, brunettes, or redheads, and how is their makeup done?  Look at their audition page and see what they recommend you wear for their tryouts. Then explore pictures from the previous year’s audition and see if it’s in line with what their recommendations entail.  Do they all have custom made uniforms covered in bling or are they more of a sports bra and workout shorts type team?   Do they wear tennis shoes, dance shoes or high heeled boots?  Do most of their ladies have curled hair or straight, could you be their shorthaired girl or is your hair thin and you could benefit from rocking some hair extensions? Know your audience, just like you would do in any meeting.

When I say know your team, also know the basic facts on the team in case you are brought in for an interview.  Prove that you have a passion for the organization by being familiar with their team colors, who their star players are, who the owner is, what the name of the stadium is and the name of their mascot.  When you are well versed on the team you have a higher percentage of easing your nerves enabling that any curve ball that could be thrown at you is under your control because you are primed and knowledgeable.


Preparation is key.  Most NFL teams have prep-classes as well as conventions to teach you their style and what they are looking for before you strut in with hundreds or even a thousand of other contenders.  Some teams start weekly classes a few months before auditions.  The coach, assistant coach and sometimes the choreographer are present at these classes so it gives you a chance to show your face.   This means they are seeing you and what you offer, through your talent levels well before tryouts. This also gives you a leg up, so if you make a mistake or get nervous at tryouts, it’s not the first time they are observing you.

In these prep-classes show them your work ethic and always look your best; meaning full hair and makeup, no excessive jewelry, no gum and cover those tattoos (derma blend is great).  Use this time to prepare for what could be an incredible year, and learn what style the team runs under; maybe that team has a jazzy style of dance, but perhaps they take the hip-hop approach, learn their walk (and yes I’m talking about how they walk because every team walks differently).  Is the team you are interested in a kicking team?   If they are, start working on your flexibility.   Perchance they are a technical team and you need to have your pirouettes down.


At the conventions, some teams will even teach you the first round of auditions, so there are less surprises you are encountering; this definitely gives you an advantage especially if you are a slow-learner on dance routines.  Knowing the routine and practicing, gives you a sense of assurance, especially with all the distraction going on of judges, competition and ever-changing music, this is one more advantage you can provide yourself.

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.  Look your best!   Practice doing your hair, whether you are curling it or putting your hair extensions in.  Make sure your fake eyelashes aren’t too over the top and that they look natural on you, and ensure your hair extensions match your hair color and flow with the appearance of your hair.  If you are getting your outfit custom-made, put it on and practice dancing around in your living room, to make sure nothing pops out.

Be confident in your body; start dieting and working out a few months before tryouts.  Taking diet pills and fasting a week before tryouts is going to make you exhausted and is going to create a sunken look on your face.  You know that your competition has been working just as hard if not harder because they want that spot on the team as much or more so than you do, so put the work in.  Go to the gym as much as it takes and eat the right foods to put you at the top of the leader board.

The truth is, the amount of gym time, and food prepping time you put in before tryouts is nothing in comparison to the amount you spend doing it once you make the team.  The consistency of being in the public eye will enhance your body awareness ten-fold.  Having this confidence in yourself and looking your best in your chosen outfit, with the body that you have worked so hard for, will make you exude poise to the judges and your competition.


These are just a few tips to help you be one step ahead of the game when you decide to take that leap of faith.  There is one item I want everyone who is trying out to think about though; just for having the confidence to walk onto that field, says something about you, it’s says that you have a drive, a desire, and an ambition about you.  With that you are amazing for going after your dreams!  Many girls don’t make the team on their first audition, their second or even their fifth.  My advice is to keep trying whether for that team or for another team that possibly fits your style or look more because you never know when your name or number might be called.  And if you don’t make it, use that experience, learn from it and find something that fits into your desires and go for it!  You are strong for putting yourself out there and I admire you.

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