The Woman Behind the Jersey

I started out only beautifying clothes and shoes but quickly moved onto jerseys.  The first NFL jersey I worked on other than my own, was Jen Andruzzi’s (Joe Andruzzi, Patriots) for 2004 Super Bowl.  I did so many for that game but hers was the first one.  That was an amazing experience.  To be at the Super Bowl, that my husband was playing in AND to see the stands glittering with my creations was a surreal night!!

Hello my FABULOUS friends. Let me introduce myself. My name is Leah Miller…aka…The Diamond Duchess. I’m the owner of Bella Artistry, a designer and sparkle creator that professional athlete wives, significant others, children, mothers and friends contact to add sparkle and FABULOCITY to their gear so that they can properly represent the man they cheer for.

I am an artist with a BA from the University of Pittsburgh in the Studio Arts. After marrying Jim Miller in 1999 I had to put my marketing career on hold to follow my new husband around the country so that he could live his dream…a Professional Football career.  After a couple of months of new home decorating and furniture and mural paining in our new home in Chicago I ran out of creative projects and was bored out of my mind. I started a successful decorating company and then began to focus more on a creative outlet I had since high school….CLOTHES!


Atoya’s Bella Artistry Creation

I’ve always been a clotheshorse.  I remember back in HS having my outfits for 30 days straight planned and laid out so I didn’t wear the same outfit twice (I’ve got a SERIOUS type A personality).  I had begun experimenting with designs using Swarovski crystal, lace and trims on clothing and shoes for myself to wear to games in support of my husband when we were dating and for my daughter once she arrived. Which led to my friends asking me to make them things….which led their friends asking me to make them something and so on!

Each piece is custom to the client.  Cut to fit, designed to flatter, sparkle and stand out in the crowd.  I come up with the designs with the client, taking into account her personality, personal style and desires.  Some clients are VERY involved in the process and others give me their measurements and say to just create them something!  I LOVE all of my fabulous fashionistas. I appreciate each and every one and we try very hard here at Bella to always be creating something new and different.

Each week Bella Artistry will be featuring one of our designs with a short piece about the woman (and Pro) behind the design.

This first feature jersey was designed for and created for the GORGEOUS and fashionable Atoya Burleson (wife of the talented and equally fashionable Nate Burleson…oh what I would give for a husband that cared about fashion!) Her inspiration was a dress she spotted someone wearing in Vegas on the escalator!  She sent me a very blurry picture text of the girl in the dress and I used what I could see to design her Haute Couture Jersey!

Atoya is one lucky girl. She has the fashionistas dream husband!  A romantic who knows great style, has his own fashion sense AND LOVES to buy her jewelry!

Nate proposed to Atoya during his rookie season (but they were college sweethearts at the University of Nevada. She was a champion track star and he a football standout) on one knee, diamond ring in hand, with their song playing in the background.

We have created many jerseys for Atoya, but this past jersey produced the best reaction from Nate.  He said and I quote: “”Now, THAT is FRESH!!! Leah did her thang thang!!”  He then insisted she waited to debut the fab jersey until the MNF game when the Lions played the Bears in Primetime.  He even picked out a matching suit!  Now that’s what I call a fashion forward man!!  Not only is he a stud on the field he’s a stud off!


Leah J. Miller made her name as a personal designer and custom outfitter to MLB, NBA and NFL families with the launch of Bella Artistry. Known affectionately throughout the professional sports industries as “The Diamond Duchess”, she has been custom tailoring and embellishing the official jerseys and wardrobes of ballers’ significant others and children with Swarovski crystals since 1999. Her designs have been featured in the 2008, 2009, and 2010 HBO Hard Knocks football training camp special as well as the Washington Post, and the Diamond Duchess will make her debut as a Costume Designer this Fall for the ABC-TV drama Ghostbreakers. You can learn more about Bella Artistry and see many of Leah’s creations by clicking here.






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