The Money Dish

It’s here, the biggest show on earth: Superbowl 47. This day should be a national holiday. I can’t tell you when Easter is, I can’t tell you when Memorial day, or Presidents day is, but every year I can tell you when the Superbowl is. I am willing to bet there are more like me out there, so let’s proclaim it a national holiday and make the day after a mandatory day off for all non-essential personnel. Or, another brilliant idea would be make it Superbowl Saturday instead… yeah, you’re right, it does not really flow.


Well this week we are calling it the Money dish in honor of Joe Flacco. Mr. Flacco is playing for a new contract and he has absolutely earned it. Steve Biscoitti, the owner of the Baltimore Ravens, interestingly enough said the team felt very comfortable about the offer they gave Joe before the season. Joe turned down the offer and decided that this year would show what he is worth, boy has he ever earned it. If they win (which I think they will) he will get paid…seriously paid. Think about that a little as you watch the game on sunday. They will play for Ray, they will play for Steve Biscoitti, they will play for the fans. Flacco will also be playing for himself, as he should be, get your money dog… get your money. Also, if San Francisco cannot turn up the pressure and get more than 2 sacks (that’s how many they have throughout the playoffs, the Ravens have 6) Flacco will eat them alive, Aldon Smith, Bowman, Willis that means you, turn it up!


Just like Joe Flacco we need the money dish! A crowd pleaser and truly easy. You can pop this dish into the oven and in about 4 beers it should be done. Serve it over rice, or just melt a little cheese on it over nachos. This dish is money because everyone is going to want it.




As always, why don’t we cook it together, just click the little square box with the triangle in it and we can have some special time together…..




2# stew beef

2 garlic cloves minced

3# sliced onions

1 12oz beer, good beer use a dark ale———–(good thing about that is that their is 5 to drink)

2 bay leaves

salt and pepper


  1. Sear the beef in a really hot pan with a little olive oil. Make sure the meat is browned it gives a lot of flavor.
  2. After the meat is browned add the onions and garlic to the pot and cook until translucent.
  3. Season with salt and pepper and add the beer and bay leaves.
  4. Cover and put in the oven for about 1-2 hours check after 1 hour to see where you are with it. The beef should be tender and fall apart if its not then just give it a little longer, good things come to those who wait, (Just ask Joe Flacco)


Money in a pot! There is no reason at all anyone would not like this dish, I am that confident in it.




I can’t believe it but this Steelers fan is rooting for the Ravens, we can’t have San Fran with six rings now can we?


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Until next week, when the early draft talk starts!


Stay hungry,

Chef Plum


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