Texans Vince Wilfork shows off his stylish side on episode 4 of HBO’s Hardknocks


Seems that new Texans defensive lineman Vince Wilfork is making his mark in his new home town of Houston in more ways than one.


VW4Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past month or so, you know the Texans are this year’s star on HBO’s Hardknocks. And while most are fighting for their spot on the 53 man roster, Wilfork is expressing himself via fashion, as he showed up wearing an outfit only he could pull off. Oh, and it wasn’t casual Friday, just plain old Tuesday.


At Tuesday’s practice, Wilfork pulled up to practice in his huge SUV, wearing nothing more than overalls, cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat. Now, if it were Halloween and he was coming dressed as a farmhand this ensemble wouldn’t be so shocking. However, Wilfork is known for his fun loving attitude and the fact that owned his look like only he could the world only grew to love him more as well as his ability to take fashion risks.

Vince Wilfork


We can only wonder #whatwillvincewear as the season progresses or his next career as a plus sized model. Hardknocks airs Tuesday nights on HBO.


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