Pick Six: Tennessee Titans vs Dallas Cowboys

The Tennessee Titans have been trending in the wrong direction lately. They have lost three straight games after starting the season 3-1 and are looking to do anything to stop that slide. On Monday night, the Titans travel to Dallas to take on another 3-4 team in the Dallas Cowboys. With the whole world to see, can the Titans end their slide or will they fall prey to the Cowboys in Jerry’s World? No one knows the answer as of yet, but these six points could help them win the game in prime time.


1) Super Mario must be present

This season has shown us that Mariota can have some bad moments and some special moments too. On Monday night, the Titans need Mariota to be special against the defense of the Dallas Cowboys, which is ranked number one in total defense in the NFL. Mariota will more than likely not have an offensive line that will keep him clean in the pocket, so for the Titans to win, he must break the pocket and make some plays in the passing game and in the running game as well. It’s time for Mariota to be Super Mario.

2) Explosion in the passing game

The Titans have not really been that prolific in the passing game this season. In fact, they are currently ranked 31st in the NFL in the passing game. Tennessee has the talent, but they just have not shown it consistently and that has hurt them. In this game in Dallas, they need their most exciting receivers, Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor, to step up. If both are able to threaten the Cowboys’ defense, then the explosive plays will come and the offense will be able to help the defense more than they have in the last three weeks of games.

3) Accept the challenge

The Tennessee Titans offensive line has not accepted the challenge for most of the season. The blocking up front has not been great and as a result, the running game has suffered and Mariota has been running for his life at times. Facing the Cowboys defensive line is not going to be easy, but the Titans have to step up to the plate and make things happen. If they don’t, they will be making Mariota’s job even tougher than it has to be.



1) Bring the heat

The Titans have been doing solid work defensively, but they have been suffering when it comes to rushing the passer. The reality is the Titans have not really scared any teams with their pass rush all season long. They need to bring the heat in this game or else Dak Prescott will have all day to find people down the field and that could spell danger for the Titans. Can and who will bring the heat in this game are the questions the Titans have to answer.

2) Gobble up the run

The Titans are facing a team that is predicated on its run game. When Ezekiel Elliott gets going, he can be hard to stop and can cause huge problems for the Titans. With that being said, Jurrell Casey, Austin Johnson and the entire front seven of the Titans must fill the gaps and stay in their lanes against the run Monday night. If they do so, they will make Dallas one-dimensional.

3) Keep the momentum going all game

The Titans have been good defensively in stretches but have fell off at some point during the game, allowing the opponent to get back in the game. For the Titans to win this game Monday, the defensive intensity level cannot drop and someone has to step up and be the hype man for that team. Who it is and what he says are up in the air, but the Titans defense needs all hands on deck and they need someone to lead them from a coach’s perspective.

Tennessee has a great opportunity to win a game and get back on track. With their inefficient performances so far, no one is sure how they will come out. Hopefully for their sake, they get it all together for this prime time game.

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