Team Jordan, Valentines Day 24/7

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the country as a day to show love. What may be overlooked by the game day excitement is the strong bond and love that NFL couples share. A perfect example of this is Randy and Romonda Jordan.

Romonda JordanRomonda Jordan, is one of the founders of OTFPWA (Off the Field Players Wives Association) and wife of former Jacksonville Jaguar and LA/Oakland Raider, Randy Jordan. He was one of the “Original 10″ Jaguars that made up the original franchise and score the first touchdown in Jaguars history on a pass play.

In 1993, Randy was an undrafted free agent from University of North Carolina (UNC) , picked up by the Raiders in Los Angeles. In December of 1994, Jordan then signed with the Jags franchise as a running back and played 3 years before returning to the Raiders whom had relocated to Oakland. Randy played 6 years and finished his career as one of the Captains of Super Bowl XXXVII(37) Championship Raider team.

The following season, Jordan began his coaching career as a special assistant to special teams coach,Bob Casullo. From that moment, the Jordan’s became a coaching family. Currently, the Jordan Family is back at their Alma Mater,UNC after two amazing stops at Nebraska and Texas A&M. The couple has three amazing children Raven(17) Jalen(14) and Justin (7).

Pro Player Insiders caught up with one of the OTFPWA founders and amazing NFL wife Romonda Jordan about her Valentine, husband Randy Jordan. Check out how Team Jordan is “all in” 365 days of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Pro Player Insiders: How did you meet Mr. Jordan?

Romonda Jordan: I met Randy during summer session at UNC in 1990. We were introduced by his teammate and roommate for the summer.  I remember after giving him a ride one summer night up to Franklin Street to get food.We came back to the dorm and had a really great talk. He came across as shy but one on one we were able to have some very deep conversations. We became friends first and sometimes would just talk for hours and hours.  That was the foundation of our relationship and that communication is still what we both think is so key to maintaining and keeping a relationship fresh.

PPI: What is your most romantic memory with your former NFL husband?

RJ: Over the course of the last 24 years there have been many. I still think that the most romantic was when we were in college and he proposed after dating 2 years. He had my roommate help him and I came home to a picnic in front of the fireplace in my apartment complete with a blanketRomonda Jordan, pizza ordered from Gumby Pizza, and a proposal along with an engagement ring he had bought from working all summer. It was really special to me because I know it was a heavy load attedning school, doing summer workouts,and working a job that involved physical labor. I have never forgotten what a sacrifice he made and it was incredibly romantic.

PPI: How do you normally celebrate Valentine’s day ? Will this year be the same?

RJ: We (Mr. and Mrs. Jordan) usually celebrate with dinner and a movie. Valentine’s Day is usually the week following national signing day so we both are ready to relax from all the excitement. This year is so busy with the kids, our date will probably consist of whatever fits in between dropoff and pickup of our daughter at volleyball practice. It’s all good though since we fit in dates all throughout the year, so there is not so much pressure to have this totally awesome Valentine’s date. I would rather give and receive good love every day!

PPI: What are your favorite qualities in Mr. Jordan?

RJ:  I love my husband’s work ethic. I also value how motivated he is in achieving his goals. He did not have an easy life growing up and through it all he’s never forgotten where he came from and who he is. Randy is a great role model for our kids and I could not be prouder of our family that we refer to as Team Jordan.

Romonda JordanPPI: What is your favorite NFL football memory when Randy played?

RJ: I will never forget all the pageantry of the Super Bowl 37 Raiders vs Tampa Bay. My favorite memory though is of our AFC Divisional playoff game vs the New York Jets. We had beaten them soundly by 30-10 and were one step closer to getting a shot at the Lombardi Trophy. We had such a close knit team and I will always cherish the memories of all of the players,wives,kids,and coaches on the field celebrating after the win. It was one of the last games my husband would win wearing the silver and black on our home field , Networks Associates Coliseum, in front of Raider Nation. Randy and I always loved the passion that the (Raiders) fans have for their team.

Romonda Jordan 3PPI: How has your life and family changed post football ? What is Randy up to?

RJ: Even though Randy retired in 1993, football is still a major part of our lives.  Post football he started his coaching career (currently at University of North Carolina) and still enjoys being able to connect with college players much like himself. Randy helps them to navigate college life and achieve their goals whether it leads to the NFL or success in other areas.  It’s such a blessing for my family to be a part of the entire recruuiting process; from meeting players when they are 17 or 18 to seeing them get a diploma and have their whole future in front of them.  When we see a “football son” like a Cyrus Gray,Brandon Jackson,or Javorskie Lane making it happen on the field, we can’t help but be proud.

Romonda Jordan 6RJ (cont.): We are both looking forward to seeing the future unfold for the NFL Draft.  Between all of the players we connect with and our own three kids, I feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe…I love it and would not have it any other way. I love that my husband is has a career that he is so passionate about. It’s a win-win because Team Jordan is all-in!

PPI: What is your message to your husband, Randy on Valentine’s Day?

RJ: Roses are Red,Violets are Blue, after all these years I am still completely in love with you!


Happy Valentine’s Day to the fans and NFL families past and present.

–Romonda Jordan

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–Interview by Theresa Villano  @Theresa_ppi




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