Wine and Football: Super Insight on This Perfect Pairing

Super Bowl XLVIII makes history for being in the Northeast during the coldest month of the year, February. Among the plethora of celebrity filled events leading up to the big game, there is an event of refinement and philanthropy hosted by the team at Washington Valley Cellars presents “Taste of the Best Wine Extravaganza” January 30, 2014.

Jay Rosen Washington Valley Cellars
Jay Rosen
Washington Valley Cellars

The event will be that of a unique pairing, of football fans and wine, creating a unique atmosphere that guarantees to showcase the refined palette of the gridiron. While tasting wines and spirits such as Dom Pérignon, Numanthia, Joseph Phelps and other elite purveyor’s.

Guests will rub elbows with athletes such as Joe Klecko and Hall of Famer Chris Dolman while bidding on items during the silent auction benefitting Hope for Children Foundation. But that’s not all, Pro Player Insiders had the unique opportunity to speak with Jay Rosen of Washington Valley Cellars to get an in depth lesson on wine and his love of football, now that’s what we call “pairing”.

PPI: How did Washington Valley Cellars get their start in the wine business?

Jay Rosen: With over 50 years combined knowledge in the construction industry we create a unique experience for homeowners by bringing to life their personal love for wine. In the late 80’s, the economy positioned us to evolve into the home renovation market, this combined with my passion of wine and knowledge of the industry led us to start building wine cellars in homes across the country from New Jersey to Utah.

PPI: When it comes to wine what are some tips that you can give novice wine lovers about storage?

Jay Rosen: Wines are meant to be consumed within their first 3-5 years. If you’re not in the market to create a custom wine cellar then they’re a lot wine refrigerators that are on the market now that are perfect for those beginning their journey in wines. Use your basement or a spare closet where there isn’t a lot of temperature differential. There are also offsite storage facilities that are specifically for wines that cost effective as well. Explore your options and when you’re ready to build your home wine cellar call Washington Valley Cellars.

wine cellarPPI: You’ve told us how to store our wine, but are there some tips for choosing a good wine?

Jay Rosen: The best thing for a new wine lover to do is to taste as many as they can til they discover the flavors that are to their liking. When you figure out what you like, go to your local retailer and ask if they carry or are willing to order so that you get the best pricing.

PPI: So tell us, are you a red or white wine lover? Why?

Jay Rosen: Wine is so ever changing so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. From a value stand point, red wine is the best for your dollar. Spanish wines will typically also be gentle on your pockets.

I also enjoy white wines from Germany such as Rieslings that you can find for well under $20. Currently, my favorite is Pinot Noir which I am trying so many new brands of, again find joy in the tasting.

PPI: How did the Wine Tasting Extravaganza come about, football is usually associated with beer, how did this come about?

Jay Rosen: Well like fans of everything else, you can never put people in a box, especially football lovers. Today’s football fan drink everything from beer to high end wine while enjoying the big game so this was a perfect pairing.

PPI: With Superbowl XLVIII being in your backyard is it hard not seeing the Jets or Giants in the big game?

Jay Rosen: It’s hard but it’s also great that neither of them have the pressure of playing the biggest game of the season in front of what can the harshest fan base in sports. Could imagine if either team loss the big game in front of the home crowd, that would be catastrophic though a win would be epic. Both teams have a lot of rebuilding to do, so I am just looking forward to next season.

PPI: What wines and spirits are you looking forward to trying during the event?

Jay Rosen: I am looking forward to trying the Dom Pérignon who is also a sponsor of the event along with 25 others and some of the latest vintage wines that are coming out this year. The best part about the event is that guest will be able to purchase the wines they taste all while helping Hope for Children.

If you will be in the NY/NJ area for Superbowl XLVIII then this is an event you don’t want to miss, click here for tickets and information. To get started on creating a haven for your budding wine collection contact Washington Valley Cellars.

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