Sunday Night Showdown: Brady vs. Rodgers

For just the second time, which is astonishing to think, heavyweights Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady will match-up on NBC Sports in New England Sunday night at 8:20 PM.

It’s the marquee match-up among many great match-ups in the NFL. Baltimore faces off against Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Baker Mayfield play Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes, and finally Drew Brees and Jared Goff serve as the opening act for Brady and Rodgers.

Rodgers has the edge over Brady in a lot of statistical categories. Including all time passer rating, completion percentage and yards per attempt. Yet, what Rodgers doesn’t have that Brady does is a handful of Super Bowl rings and an edge in MVP awards. Brady holds three while Rodgers holds two.

There will be a lot to watch in this match-up outside of the two great quarterbacks that will own much of the spotlight. Here’s some things to look for in this weekend’s match-up:

NBC Productions

This is obviously a big opportunity for NBC Sports to broadcast the NFL’s most premium match-up. Already, we’ve seen NBA legend Michael Jordan promote the match-up in dramatic fashion. The in-game presentation should be top of the line, considering the viewership will be there, a lot of big money is to be made in this surprisingly rare match-up.

Young backs

Sony Michel and Aaron Jones are among some of the best young running backs in the NFL right now. Michel says he’d play on one leg for the Patriots, but maybe that wouldn’t be the most productive. Michel is currently listed as questionable, while Jones is unquestionable and ready to take on more carries in Green Bay’s offense. When the ball is not in the air, the game should still be exciting when watching both of these backs take it to the ground.

Defensive coordinators beware

As far as interceptions are concerned, nothing is too dominate on either side of the ball. So far this year, Green Bay has two interceptions to New England’s seven. There’s little expectation that the defense will take over the game, however, if one defense can play a little better than the other, it could make the difference in the offensive shootout that many predict.

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