Style Guide: Jen Abrams Shows Us How Dress Like An NFL Athlete

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NFL athletes have come a long way when it comes to fashion and have done so with the expertise of elite wardrobe stylists.


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You know, those chosen few who have an eye for taking a 275 lbs line backer and making him GQ ready for game day and beyond.

One such special talent that stands out is Jen Abrams, the Philly native who not only knows how to pick a great suit, but understands that style is part of the job for athletes.




Beginning her career as a branding specialist, Jen Abrams has worked with the likes of the Kardashians developing DASH, Rachel Zoe, QVC and many other celebrity inspired fashion lines before returning home to Philadelphia to build Jen Abrams Style. I sat down with Jen on a warm October day to get her take on the state of affairs in fashion as it continues to invade the NFL.

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PPI: You’re known for your work developing celebrity brands but how and when did you get your break working with NFL athletes?


Jen Abrams: Oh girl, I’m bad with dates…. (We both laugh hysterically) But around early 2010 when I returned home to Philly I started working with MLB and NBA athletes after leaving QVC. I had a heavy background in branding for celebrities cultivating their brand and image, curating their collections to be sold to the masses.


PPI: Now that you have left the celebrity rat race and entered into the world of the NFL athlete how did the relationship with Brad Smith come about?


JA: Brad Smith is known for his love of fashion and to be honest with juggling kids and a career I can’t remember exactly when we started working together but the relationship has grown organically.


Jen Abrams and Plexico Burress
Jen Abrams with Plexico Burress and Brad Smith Jen Abrams with Plexico Burress and Brad Smith


PPI: How do you develop the stylist-client relationship?


JA: Unlike most stylist I don’t go in telling them what to wear, I learn who they are and develop and understanding of their personal style and their brand. So I build not only on their personal style but the image they want to portray overall. With such short lived careers it’s important for NFL athletes to create and maximize every opportunity they can. Also, it’s important to know that there are only certain designers that really cater to athletic body types. I have to earn their trust and take them to the best designers and brands that cater to their body types. Luckily they are many more options available today for them to choose from.


PPI: After establishing a relationship with a NFL athlete, does it become a collaborative effort to continue to develop their sense of style and intertwine fashion as a part of their overall branding strategy?


JA: Well I will reference Brad Smith for this; he’s very traditional and knows what he likes when it comes to fashion. But it is a collaborative effort; he’s much like me where he’s edgy but with a classic twist. We’re both sneaker heads and text back and forth about what we both do and don’t like. That trust means a lot in developing their brand, they trust that I can deliver a message not only to fans but to potential business endeavors that will help continue to flourish their careers long after football.


PPI: When working with a new client, how do you develop a sense of style if they come to you and lack direction as it pertains to fashion and image?


JA: That’s a great question, what I try to do is find out what is most important to them be it family or religion, I make it a point to find out what’s most important to them and their brand. For instance I had a client that loved skulls but never interjected them into his wardrobe. After getting to know him and showing him ways to tastefully wear skulls many ways from his everyday wardrobe to the red carpet our relationship continues to grow without him having to sacrifice who he is to express himself through fashion.


PPI: With so many NFL athletes entering the world of fashion from Malcolm Jenkins with bow ties to Dez Bryant with his line of signature tee shirts, do you see fashion brands and collaborations as a trend or do you see athletes have a genuine interest in the fashion world?


JA: For some it is a trend, where you see athletes attach their name or likeness to a brand just to earn a check without any serious interest in fashion. Then you have athletes like Brad Smith who genuinely loves fashion and is carving out a career in the fashion world. A big reason I stepped away from so many celebrity clients was that many lacked a true passion for fashion.


PPI: NFL athletes more now than ever are embracing fashion as a form of self-expression and branding. How can we spot a Jen Abrams client? What is your signature?


JA: For my clients it’s all about the details, from ties to pocket squares to sneakers. I love adding accessories that show off my clients’ personality. I aim to add things to their wardrobe that set them apart from the trend which is all in the details.

Jen Abrams styling a photo shoot

PPI: What are some great brands that you infuse into your clients’ wardrobe that can translate into the style of the everyday guy?


JA: Now for suiting, if we go high end then Tom Ford, the cut of his suits is classic and definitely worth the investment. Sneaker Boutique in New Jersey offers some of the best sneaker collections in the Tri-State area, from classics to customs there something for every sneaker lover there. Also, The Detailed Male makes custom pocket squares and accessories for men’s suiting and also Michael Duru Clothiers is great for made to order suiting that is pocket friendly. For casual wear Mitchell & Ness is a great go to brand for men, the literally have great clothes for men of every size. There are a lot great designers for every budget that are catering to the growing fashion needs of men, so the sky is the limit for men to express themselves with fashion. Men want to look stylish as much as women do and the current trends in fashion definitely reinforce that sentiment.


PPI: Before we wrap, I want to know, what’s next for Jen Abrams Style?


JA: Other than sleep? Well, not only was I a judge for The Style Games, I am also the co-creator of the event. I along with fashion photographer Stephanie Matthews and D4SM created The Style Games as a way to give back to the community by fusing together sports and fashion. The event consists of a series of challenges that combine style and athleticism, the proceeds from The Style Games held in Philadelphia, benefited Brad Smith’s True Foundation. The event was such a success we are now deciding on which city should host The Style Games next. I’m also working with supermodel Don Benjamin of America’s Next Top Model as he transitions into the next phase of his career. Then more of what I do best continuing to keep my clients ahead of the trends, some men’s wear fashion shows, and even styling some photo shoots in Philadelphia finally! Then maybe I can carve time out to sleep.

Jen Abrams and client Don Benjamin of ANTM Cycle 20Jen Abrams serves as judge during The Style Games



Keep up with Jen Abrams as she styles your favorite NFL athletes on Instagram @jenabramsstyle.


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