South Carolina’s Humble Connor Shaw

Connor Shaw-Carolina

The winningest quarterback in school history, including going 17-0 at Williams-Brice Stadium. Connor Shaw rushed for 1,683 yards in Gamecock career so that should be a positive as he pursues his NFL dream.

He had one final fling on that turf during his pro day, hoping to impress the NFL scouts, coaches and media at South Carolina’s Pro Timing Day. The Flowery Branch, Ga., native said he felt he accomplished what he set out to prove to the 30 NFL teams that were on hand to evaluate the 10 former USC players who worked out.

But one of the biggest question marks surrounding Shaw is his size. He measured 6-foot at the NFL Combine in February and many scouts question how much that will be an issue.

Shaw looks to quick, mobile quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Drew Brees and sees their success despite height. If history speaks, Shaw has the tools to also excel in the league.

Conor Shaw-Carolina

Q: With Russell Wilson’s success this season does it give you hope that shorter QBs can be successful in the NFL?

Connor: He (Russell Wilson) kind of paved the way for sure with more mobile quarterbacks. Alex Smith and Drew Brees are guys that are a little shorter but can extend plays and are very smart people that don’t turn the ball over. I think quarterbacks like that always have a chance in the NFL.

Q: Doing the combine, doing this Pro Day, all the interviews and stuff what’re you learning? What are the lessons you are getting from all this?

Connor: Well, I’m just getting great advice from scouts, coaches, GM’s. I have an opportunity to sit face-to-face, one-on-one with coaching staffs. And something as a kid you kind of dream of and the next step is playing on Sundays, so I’m very excited for the opportunities I’ve been given.

Q: Have you had any particular teams show interest in you, and if so, do you have any meetings set up with them?

Connor: I have a good bit during April including private workouts. I’d rather not share but like I said I’m very excited with all the opportunities that are in place for my near future.

Q: How important do you feel the role as a role model is as a college player, and also playing professionally?

Conor Shaw-CarolinaConnor: I think all the greats out there, they know how to handle themselves. They present themselves, on and off the field and that’s something I pride myself on is character. That’s the way I was raised. I think that character goes a long way on and off the field.

Q: Connor, what’s been this process like for it’s almost like interviewing for a job which it is now? Just talk about that adjustment for you not only the physical aspect and the mental part going through interviews and stuff.

Connor: It has been like the world’s longest job interview, but I’m excited for it. I’m taking advantage of the stage I’ve been given, and excited for the future.

Q: Do you have a round in mind? Are you shooting for something or are you just going to be happy with whatever you do?

Connor: No, obviously, I’d just like to get drafted. Either way you’re going to have your shot. If I’m going to be a free agent; I’m going to have to compete for a job either way. The only thing I can focus on is how hard I work. You know, everything else is out of my hands.

Q: Connor, Theresa Villano- Pro Player Insiders, has there been a person in your life that has mentored you to this point?

Connor: Yeah, I think there’s two people that stand out: my father, who was my coach in high school and my older brother who is a college coach at the Army. He’d been through the process and played college ball. So I think both of them have really been close to me and kind of guide me along.Connor Shaw-Carolina

Q: Has it been Advantage and exposure or distraction through the whole Clowney affect in all of this today?

Connor: No, it’s an advantage. He brought all the media out here, so I thank him that he came out early so I could get the opportunity to have everybody watching me too. So he’s a pleasure to be with and to have on the team. He’s going to have a very bright future as well.

Shaw eloquently summed up his last ha-rah at Williams-Brice Stadium saying, “Today it’s absolutely bittersweet. This is my home. I am never lost here and I can always say coming back here I will always have great memories.It’s pretty special to end on a note like this today.” 

With multiple individual workouts in toe, Shaw is prepared to do what it takes to be on an NFL roster in the fall. “April is slammed with some private workouts, so this is not the end for me.”


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Photographer: Leslie Mincey

Graphic Photo by Mike Yduarte

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