Sherry Pollex, Martin Truex Jr. Continue Ovarian Cancer Fight

It has been almost one year since Sherry Pollex, the longtime girlfriend of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr., had surgery to remove Stage III ovarian cancer and since that time, Pollex has not let anything slow her down.  But is that a surprise?  Not a chance, that is just the type of person Pollex is and will continue to be.

Truex has expressed how well Pollex is doing as well, which is a great signMartin Truex Jr. (No. 78) on track.  Photo Courtesy:  @FR78Racing

“She’s doing great.  She’s still on her once-a-€‘month chemo for just a maintenance for a year, so she’ll be on that until February, but she’s feeling great. She’s doing awesome, and really, really, honestly, back to her normal life that she had before the cancer.”

In addition, Pollex also looks out for others and wants to make sure women suffering from the terrible disease have the ability to be properly taken care of.  The Cancer Treatment Party Act is a bill making sure that women have access to affordable oral chemotherapy treatments.  You see, these treatments are not always covered by insurance companies.

Therefore, earlier this summer, Pollex went to Washington to meet with legislature to advocate for this cause and clearly expressed how much this mattered to her

“I am both excited and honored to have been asked to partner with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and meet with legislators to discuss the much needed additional funding for ovarian cancer.  We will also be there to advocate for policies that ensure women have access to the newest personalized treatments for cancer.  There are new drugs available for ovarian cancer but for many women they are not affordable even with insurance coverage.  We need to change that, and make sure that everyone has access to the breakthrough treatments to fight this disease.”

The next step in the fight – raising even more money for ovarian cancer research and awareness, which Truex and Pollex can check that box as well with the implementation of “Never Give Up” wristbands.  Fans can purchase at and can feel as if they get a little piece of Truex and Pollex, as the couple designed the wristbands.

Pollex sums up the fight and goal for raising awareness perfectly

“We hope everyone finds inspiration while wearing the ‘Never Give Up’ wristband, and knows that they are making a contribution to a very worthwhile cause.”

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