Shaq Mason: Tackling The Task At Hand

Plenty of college players grow up wanting to play in the NFL. Just to make it to that level is like a badge of honor to many of them. Unfortunately, not many get that type of honor. There are many that get cut before they get to take their first snap in the NFL. While there are some that never make it, there are also players that get blessed with fortunate situations. Shaq Mason is one of those fortunate players. The third-year offensive lineman out of Georgia Tech was drafted in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft. To a team that always needs offensive lineman to protect Tom Brady, he was a God-send, but first he had to make the team. Fortunately for Mason, he did make the team and now he is a key figure in the Patriots current run of success.

“The standard for me is high now,” said Mason reflecting on what he has accomplished so far. “Two out of my three years I have made it to the Super Bowl.”

But even with that, Mason still knows that there is work to be done to maintain where he and the Patriots are.

“I just have to keep working to stay here,” Mason added. “The Super Bowl is every team’s end goal.”

Mason is focused on the task at hand and is committed to continuing the path of success he started on when he entered the NFL and the Eagles are the next team that threatens to derail that success. For him, his position will be key because he is protecting Tom Brady and also going to be going up against one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL in Fletcher Cox.  The mammoth defensive lineman has been the main factor in causing headaches for opposing defenses. Mason, along with his fellow Patriot linemen, have to match the physical play of Cox from the start. The more he is able to dominate there, the more Brady will be dancing in the pocket and that isn’t a good thing.

Along with matching Fox and his physical play, Mason and his teammates have to communicate to each other. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is known for bringing pressure, especially with his front four and that, along with the depth of the Eagles defensive line, can eventually wear out a team.

Mason recognizes the task at hand but he also knows he has put in the work to make it happen and to keep the success going. The question remains if it will be enough to hold off that deep and talented Eagles defensive line.

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