Saints’ Super Fan Jarrius Robertson an Inspiration Boy Wonder

Coming off a lackluster season and looking for something to play for, the Saints have found a source of motivation in a young boy.

Jarrius Robertson was diagnosed with biliary atresia in the early stages of his life. Biliary atresia is a chronic liver disease where one or more bile ducts are abnormally narrow or absent. This disease is generally a birth defect or acquired over time.

However, Robertson, now 13, does not let the disease dictate the life he lives. He has been a fan of New Orleans since he was a kid. Robertson’s father, Jordy, remembers him always sitting around watching Saints games and extensive coverage every day during the season. Last season he was invited to a game where he met Marques Colston and Jairus Byrd.


This time Saints players invited him to the facility this past week to watch practice and conduct interviews. He has always been filled with hope and optimism that spreads to the Saints players and his family.

Safety Jairus Byrd said, “If you can’t get energy from him, something is wrong with you.” The energy exuding from this teenager is a breath of fresh air and puts everything into perspective.

Punter Thomas Morstead finds Robertson’s upbeat attitude, despite facing a life threatening situation inspiring. Robertson exudes confidence and does not acknowledge the disease describing himself as his “same self.”

He has been getting VIP access and one on one interviews with players like Drew Brees, Cameron Jordan, Willie Snead, Byrd, and Morstead. It is almost certain Robertson will be present for a few home games this season.

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