RGIII “more popular than Obama”

Robert Griffin III has been a superstar dating back to his Baylor days. Jersey sales for the Redskin’s franchise-QB are the the highest selling jersey in NFL history.

However, Griffin’s popularity doesn’t’ just exceed that of NFL quarterbacks. According to the sophomore signal caller, “fans come up to me and tell me that DC is my town, not Obama’s. I don’t view it that way, but I can see where they’re coming from.”

“Obama is the second most popular man in the city,” according to the RGIII faithful.

So what is it that makes the second-year quarterback so exciting?

Perhaps it’s his ability to lead his team to victory on Sundays and their first post-season in years. Some fans will point to his exciting style of play, including some long touchdown runs. Others will allude to an offense similar to the QB-option style used in college. The quarterback himself has a different reason.

“I’m most known for my braids,” says Griffin.

Griffin is currently rehabbing an injury sustained against the Seahawks in the 2012 Playoffs, but looks to be ready for the Season Opener in 2013. You can bet that the D.C. faithful will be cheering wildly when number 10 takes the field.

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