RG3 is Determined to Have an Impact This Season



Redskin’s Robert Griffin III will be ready to play the 2013-2014 season to his full potential;last season he electrified the organization with his accurate passes and his break away speed. He literally lived up to the hype surrounding the possibility of taking this team deep into the playoffs.

Last season ended with Griffin injuring his leg against the Baltimore Ravens;this season shall be different, Griffin has to be aware that he can not take that many hits as he did last year.

Griffin has been very active in training camp, completing deep passes and showing the fans that he is able to scramble out the pocket. He has been very dangerous when he is flushed out the pocket, and we have all seen that he finds holes in each of the opponents defensive plays.

It is very rare to have a rookie that had an outstanding season, setting different types of records and taking his team into the playoffs. The Redskins organization and fans are excited with R.G.3 coming back from his injury.

As Griffin comes into his sophomore season this year, he is very determined to have yet another impressive season. Griffin even mentioned that he will wear a knee brace to protect his leg from getting hit. He is taking all precautions not to reaggravate the injury.

This season should be a very exciting one, and every fan is waiting to see if R.G.3 can be the same player that makes a defensive coach scratch his head trying to figure out how to stop him.HankTimeFeatured

With a team and state behind him, R.G.3 can only go up as he surpasses adversity and make his mark on the field. He said, he felt 100 percent that his leg would be ready to play for the opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

This game will be one exciting match up; RG3 versus Michael Vick

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