Rams drowned by Dolphins in fourth quarter upset

Jared Goff was determined to show off that he was ready to play and that he should start. With some players hurt on both defense and offense, the Rams needed to fight hard against these Miami Dolphins that are going to try to rip Goff apart.

In the second Rams drive of the game Goff showed he knew what to do with a quick handoff to Todd Gurley for a 24-yard touchdown, putting the Rams on the board first.

Ryan Tannehill didn’t want to be showed up by a rookie quarterback who hadn’t seen the field since preseason, but the first quarter didn’t warrant any points for his Dolphins.

Maurice Alexander has an amazing clean hit on Kenny Stills, but Jarvis Landry didn’t agree and started an altercation with Alexander that was quickly broken up.

Actual blows were thrown on the end of the next play. Dolphins’ Michael Thomas and Rams’ Josh Forrest had offsetting penalties, after multiple players on the Dolphins piled on top on Forrest.

At the half, the Rams lead 7-0 and Goff had 7-13 successful passes for 62 yards.

Turnover after turnover got the crowd hyped up. Dolphins’ Kiko Alonso caused the first fumble of the game, on Lance Kendricks. Tannehill attempted a long pass, which wasn’t the best idea. Alexander was in perfect position to pick off the ball in the end zone.

Goff still must get into the professional game play of the NFL. His mind isn’t quite ready; he still doesn’t judge the field as good as he can and that can hurt him and the team as time goes on.

The Rams increase their lead with a 46-yard field goal in the third, making it a two-possession lead.

Greg Zuerlein attempted another field goal on a 4th and 1 and it hit the goal post. A penalty on Miami placed the ball on the 23, leaving them in the same bad situation as they have been the entire game.

The Dolphins hadn’t been able to make it inside the Rams 20 the entire game, but after multiple penalties against Los Angeles, Tannehill made it into the red zone.

Landry made an interesting touchdown pass, after a wave of Dolphins overcame a stampede of Rams pushed him into the end zone making the game a 3-point difference with 5 minutes to go.

After Goff worked as hard as he could in his first game starting, the defense got over 5 penalties in the fourth quarter that lead the Dolphins easily down the field without having to work for their yards.

Tannehill and DeVante Parker were on the same wave length with three consecutive successful passes of 10 yards or more and the last one resulting in a touchdown for Miami giving them the lead for the first time the entire game with 36 seconds left.

Goff was unable to convert another touchdown, ultimately giving the game to Miami. The Rams defense is at fault for this loss. They allowed 14 points in the final 5 minutes of the game which left the score 14-10 Dolphins.

Thus, the Rams are now 4-6, but Goff had a decent game starting over half way through the season.

The Rams play at the Saints on Nov. 27 at 10 a.m.

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