Radar Watch For Players in the NFC North

Coming off an injury that kept him sidelined last season safety Adrian Wilson will have not just a break out year, but comeback player for the season as well. Wilson who was traded to the Chicago Bears is very excited about the upcoming season. The Bears need Wilson to become the lock down safety that he is recognized for. 

Last season the Bears’ defense lacked a lot of depth in the safety position and paid the price. Opponents last season had 6,313 yards in total offense and was beating the defense deep down the field. There were many occasions where the safety was out of position and/or just did not have the speed to cover the receiver down the field, which resulted in big plays. He is a physical safety and loves to take challenges with different receivers.PHP4E73AAEBB693D

Wilson does not have that 4.4 speed like he had in his past because of his age, but he does a great job with protecting his end of the field. In his career with the Arizona Cardinals Wilson had 893 tackles, 27 interceptions, and 100 pass defensed. His knowledge and wisdom has helped him throughout his career. 

In order for the Bears to end their drought of not making the playoffs they need to center around their defense. Making a move with a veteran such as Wilson would help the team improve drastically. Last season the Bears had trouble containing opponents; 4 times last year opponents scored over 40 points and in week 16 478 yards were the most yards on the Bears in franchise history. 

Change has to be made and bringing in Wilson would help mold the younger safeties into better defenders. Chris Conte will definitely learn a thing or two from the experienced Wilson. Last season Conte made a huge error that could have been a victory for the Bears, but ended up knocking them out the playoff run against the Green Bay Packers.

Conte is recovering for an injury he sustained last season and looks to be going into competition in this year’s preseason. Wilson will have a chance to prove that he still can be that chain gang safety that we all recognize and have an effect on the field. 

ebronThe Detroit Lions have some spectacular playmakers on both sides of the ball. The problem that the Lions face every year has beens staying consistent in the second half of the season. The Lions seem to lose their focus and commitment to playing their style their style of football and it has cost them that. The player that could get the Lions over the dreadful repetitiveness of not making the playoffs is wide receiver Eric Ebron

Ebron is coming from collegiate play into being molded into a great football player. This young player has the potential to be more than just good. His football knowledge is very impressive and the way he runs routes are very structure and crisp. The Lions need Ebron to take the pressure off of Calvin Johnson. The Lions will probably use Ebron like the New Orleans Saints use wide receiver/ tight end Jimmy Graham. With his quickness and height Ebron could become Rookie of the year if he stays committed to how he will be involved with the Lions’ offense strategy. Look for this young guy to be the Robin with Johnson being Batman.

The Green Bay Packers are reconstructing their line-up in a different type of formality. Coming off a gutsy playoff lost against the San Francisco 49ers the Packers are getting healthy for this season coming up. Last season the Packers were plagued with a lot of injuries to key players and was on the brink of being eliminated from the playoffs until a miracle had happen with quarterback Arron Rodgers. Rodgers was cleared to play in a critical situation and made the best of it. However this season may rest on another player outside of Rodgers.

Tight end Brandon Bostick was on IR last season and is very hopeful that he will be a 100% by the start of training camp. Packers’ head coach Mike McCarthy had praised Bostick by saying “Bostick could have been one of the best blockers for the Packers.“It gives you more confidence when the head coach says that, so now when I go out there, I’m just trying to be the best tight end,” Bostick said. “Not just the best receiver or the best blocker, the best overall tight end says Bostick. Last season he had recorded 7 receptions for 120 yards. His blocking ability is packersvery exceptional and it has led to big plays down the field. Rodgers needs that type of blocking ability from all of his players, but Bostick stands out in that category. With Bostick being on the field it could give the players that boost that they need to make a playoff run.

Coming off a horrendous year the Minnesota Vikings are using the word change quite loosely. The Vikings on paper looked like they could get to the post season if they stuck with their style of play, but as we have seen that wasn’t the case.

The Vikings rushed players in the line-up such as quarterback Josh Freeman and had a difficult time understand the plays that were needed. The break out player that needs to put this organization on his back has to be Cordarrelle Patterson.

Patterson had shown his versatility. He can make defenders miss, he has impressive vision, and he is the type of athlete that can catch passes in traffic. The Vikings need for him to step it up this year. Last season he was a monster on the field despite the rotation of different quarterbacks.

Whoever the quarterback that gets the starting job will probably throw to Patterson a lot. This kid could change the dynamics of the Vikings’ playbook. There would be more big play opportunities down the field and it will take a lot of pressure off of running back Adrian Peterson. The Vikings need a spark to get this organization heading in the right direction and it starts with leadership and that is what Paterson brings to the table.NFL: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

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