Q & A with K-Major: NFL Colors Behind the Music

Who is Jay-Z? An artist? An entrepreneur? A role model?

With no specific goal to be the next Jay-Z, Georgia native Kendricke Brown is making a name for himself, on his way to becoming all of the above.  Brown, also known as “K-Major”, is one of the southeast’s most promising artists, but his natural abilities do not end there.  The 21-year old prodigy is currently studying audio production at the Art Institute of Atlanta while simultaneously operating his independent record label 3MG (MasterMinds Music Group)  Entertainment, writing music, performing, and supporting his Atlanta Falcons.

“I’m definitely a sports fan”, said Brown. ” The NFL is encouraging to the youth and I want to encourage them to keep working for what they believe in – sports, music or anything.  If you’re determined and dedicated, don’t let anyone tell you no.”

Driven by his passionate work ethic towards what he believes in, no one will be telling K-Major “no”.  Two years ago, K-Major and Team 3MG made their first appearance on the national stage by traveling to Tennessee to perform “My Song” on BET’s 106 & Park.  But the road will not end there – the future is bright for K-Major.

Pro Player Insiders spoke with the K-Major about his music and his passion for the NFL.

PPI: Tell me a little about your life as an artist.

K-Major: Ah man I’m 21 years old from a small town in North Georgia.  My dad was a booking agent and also in the military, so growing up watching him, I was involved in the entertainment business. I watched the relationship between business, fans, and entertaining people – that really encouraged me to get into music.

I got into  music when I was about 10 years old.  I wasn’t as good as I am now, of course, but I started early doing karaoke, open mics, anything  I could get and grew from there.K-Major

PPI: I see you’re from the Atlanta area, are you a Falcons fan?

K-Major: Oh yeah, definitely a Falcons fan!

PPI: How did that begin?

K-Major: My older brother (27), played football and eventually played one year of professional football.  We’re very close and  I was always  into sports because of that.  It led to me making the Falcons my team. Since then, I’ve been a Falcons fan – the Falcons are who I’m rocking with.  Plus, I have always played basketball – we are competitors, brothers.

PPI: If you could relate yourself as an artist to any player on the Atlanta Falcons, who would it be?

K-Major: I guess I would have to say Matt Ryan.  With what I have going on right now, I have my own company and it’s kind of like I’m running my own offense.  I direct traffic around the office, tell people my vision and what I want to see happen.  We press the issue, we practice, we train, and go hard on game-day – we perform.  I see everything through to the end.  Yeah, definitely Matt Ryan.

PPI: Who is your favorite Falcons player of all time?

K-Major: I’m going to go with Jamal Anderson. He was playing around the time I first became a Falcons fan, started watching Falcons football and I just liked his dance.  The dance he did when he scored caught my eye and then I started really studying up on him.  Anderson is my favorite Falcons player of all time.

PPI: Do you think your Falcons have a realistic shot at winning the Super Bowl? Why?

K-Major: The Falcons have been playing really great this year and its been very surprising.  But they clearly made a lot of good moves in the off-season, and have gotten a lot stronger by making all the right moves.  All I’m going to say is, so far so good!

PPI: Where can the PPI readers find your music?

K-Major: I released an album last month on iTunes called Something to Prove by me, K-Major.  I also released a single called Rotation which is on about seven radio stations right now and can also be purchased on iTunes.  You can go get both of those right now.

You can find K-Major on Twitter @KMajorMusic and on Facebook here.

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