Giving Back: International Medical Corps and Pro Player Insiders Launch Partnership

Being part of Pro Player Insiders is an amazing experience that has provided me the opportunity to meet many incredible people – athletes, their families, celebrities and the other members of our ‘Insiders’ team.  While having a front row seat for some of the most pivotal moments in recent sports history is a news junkie’s dream, it is our focus on highlighting the human side of athletes that is the real driver.

We share some of the positive things that players and their families contribute to our communities, challenges they have faced, dreams, losses and laughs. It is my hope that we tell their stories of leadership, teamwork and strength in a way that connects with and even inspires you – as it does us.

One of the things that I have learned from the athletes we have interviewed is that family is bigger than the traditional definition of spouse, kids and blood relations.  Family to players also includes their teammates, their friends, the communities they play in (even long after their playing days have ended) and those in need around the world.

I am proud to say that in keeping with this commitment to family, the Pro Player Insiders team is Giving Back by partnering with selected charitable and community organizations in raising awareness, funds and spurring volunteerism in order to improve the quality of life of those in need.

International Medical Corps and Pro Player Insiders have launched a partnership to increase awareness and provide additional support to health care and training programs that benefit underserved communities around the world.  If you aren’t familiar with them watch the video below to see what some people you might recognize (Sienna Miller, Ben Affleck, Jessica Capshaw, Felicity Huffman, Michelle Obama, Anderson Cooper, David Cameron, Aaron Eckhart and Bill Clinton) have to say about this incredible organization.

“We are tremendously grateful to Pro Player Insiders for partnering with us to rebuild communities devastated by conflict or disaster,” said Rabih Torbay, Vice President of International Operations for International Medical Corps.  “Their commitment to football and family is especially in line with our approach to helping families at highest risk regardless of dangerous environments or logistical challenges. Whether it’s reaching communities cut off from supply routes by natural disaster or assisting those displaced by armed conflict, Pro Player Insiders’ valuable partnership will allow International Medical Corps to bring lifesaving medical care and relief swiftly and effectively wherever it is most-needed.”

Over the years, International Medical Corps has responded to the world’s most devastating man-made and natural disasters, including: famine in Somalia, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, the Rwandan genocide, atrocities against children in Sierra Leone.

In addition to its recent work to help victims of hurricane Sandy, International Medical Corps was a first responder after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan and the 2004 tsunami in southeast Asia. It is also among the dwindling number of humanitarian agencies still working in Darfur and Iraq.

Working as one team is a winning move on any field.  Whether you are on the gridiron or responding to earthquakes and flooding, it’s about working together.  We encourage everyone to support our team approach and make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.  Please follow our series about International Medical Corps and click here to see one fun way you can join us in Giving Back.

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