Positive Meeting Between NFL, MN Leaders on Stadium

To paraphrase Monty Python, the proposed new Vikings stadium is “not quite dead yet,” as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with Minnesota leaders on Friday.

We think it was a very productive session today,” Goodell said.

The Metrodome

The proposed deal that had been on the table was recently shot down at the state level, as the Minnesota State legislature house panel voted 9-6 to reject the subsidy package that was a part of the stadium deal.  The deal called for the Vikings to contribute $427 million towards the stadium, with the city of Minneapolis to contribute $150 million and the state to contribute $398 million.

The meeting on Friday between Goodell, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and members of the state legislature was a good positive step forward.

“We appreciate the governor and the legislative leaders and the business leaders for being here today,” Goodell said.

“I think our presence here is a signal of how important it is to the National Football League that the Minnesota Vikings continue to be here in this community and continue to be successful. We believe after many, many years that the time has come to pass the legislation to move forward. We expect and we hope after today’s meeting that there’s a general commitment to do that in this session and that will ensure the fact that the Vikings will be here for a very long time.”

The other options, if a new stadium deal isn’t done, include the possible sale of the team or possibly moving the team to a new facility in another part of the country.  Goodell was quick to deny any strong arm tactics, even though the phrase “serious consequences” was thrown around earlier in the week.

“There were no implied threats or any threats at all,” Goodell said. “What we talked about is the importance of creating a solution here that works for the team and works for the community.”

There may not have been any threats, but the implications have been made clear.  The Vikings will play in the Metrodome in 2012, but beyond this year, if there isn’t a new stadium deal in place, all options remain on the table.

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