Pierre Desir: A Different Type Of Motivation

If you sit down with Pierre Desir, you will see that his story is different from many others. He has a different type of motivation. That source is his family. Desir will surely not take this opportunity for granted. His experiences in college won’t let him. Desir is a prospect that will really do well in the interview sessions. He will also show off on the field. His 6-1 frame is something that is attractive to many teams because of the trend towards taller corners. His long arms will allow him to redirect receivers at the line of scrimmage.

Desir is a small school prospect that stood out in post season all star games. He especially made his mark at the Senior Bowl practices. As for the game itself, he had a nice interception that showed how he can use his height to high point the ball. Desir knows that he is fortunate to come out of college at this time. “I think a lot of teams are looking for bigger corners who can be aggressive because a lot of the receivers now are 6-3 plus. Just a guy who is tall and long that can put their hands on receivers and be able to run with them as well, so height would be a big plus just because the receivers are a little bit bigger now.”

The most impressive thing about Desir is how he made it through college. He has two daughters, one of which was celebrating her seventh birthday when I spoke to him. Unlike most prospects, Desir worked while in school and had to support a family. He transferred from Washburn University to Lindenwood University to get closer to family for assistance and help from his parents along with his wife’s parents. The typical day for Pierre Desir is much different from that of the others. He told us about this when he said; “I would wake up at 5:30 in the morning, get my older daughter ready for school and take her to school and then I would go to this place called Labor Ready, which is a temp service.”

Desir worked many jobs whether it was working on the side of the highway, cleaning gun ranges to cleaning sewers. After that, he went to class in the afternoon. He then picked up his daughter from school and managed to squeeze football practice in as well. When he was asked when he got to sleep his reply was simply; “You can’t.”

Being a father will help Desir be more focused and always be motivated. His eyes are surely on the goal of making life better for his family. That will be a key in his staying on the right path and not getting involved with the off field nonsense that some get trapped with. He mentioned how his daughters will be home cheering for him as he works out at the combine.

His mindset going into the workout is simply that he is ready to compete. He wants to prove that he belongs and that he can go toe to toe with any receiver, also that the level of competition isn’t any issue. Desir has shown that he can play on a higher level than his college experience. He has adapted through film study and just getting used to handling the level of speed and technique when going against the best.

All of the hard work will pay off when Desir gets drafted in May. He never second guessed himself as he went through his journey. His daughters have been his motivation. He knows that this will allow him to provide for his family. Desir will be featured at the first pro day ever at Lindenwood. Prior to that, he will get another chance to show what that he belongs, this time it will be at the combine.

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