Pick Six: Tennessee Titans at New York Giants

The Tennessee Titans are at a critical junction in the season. They have three games left and are on the edge of playoff extension with each minute that passes. For the Titans, the mission is simple: keep winning. The more they win, the easier it is to control their destiny. If the Titans win their last three games, that would mean they would have won five straight games. That streak all starts with the play this Sunday versus the New York Giants. These are six things the Titans have to do in order to win this game and keep the good feelings going.



1) Establish the run

The Titans were able to run all over the Jacksonville Jaguars with Derrick Henry. Unfortunately, the Titans have not been the most consistent team offensively. For Titans fans, they better hope the running game shows up. The offensive line has to get it going and a lot of a key possession, time of possession becomes important.

2) More Taywan Taylor

The Titans were a compact offense with little to no explosiveness a few weeks ago. Then Taywan Taylor came back. The Titans missed him tremendously and it shows. Now with him back, the explosion is there and the Titans can spread the floor. The Titans must attack the Landon Collins-less Giants early and often because the Giants can be exposed by Taylor and her crew.

3) Who steps up for Jonnu?

Jonnu had not been much of a factor in his fist few starts, but he had been coming on the last few games with his explosive ability. Unfortunately, Smith got injured and cannot finish the season. Tennessee football now depend on their third and fourth tight ends. For the Titans, they need them to play very well. The Titans can only hope the tight ends are able to find the airport and the car.



1) All eyes on Saquon

The New York Giants have gotten a sensational year from rookie running back Saquon Barkley. He has played well and made some great things happen, but the Titans know they have to keep in somewhat in check on Sunday. Sure tackling and assignment football will be key for Tennessee as Barkley can expose them if they choose to not do their job.

2) Keep the other guys silent

The word is Odell Beckham Jr will be out Sunday versus the Titans. Just because Beckham Jr. is out doesn’t mean others will not step up. The Titans pass defense must stay focused and keep the other weapons like Evan Ingram under wraps this game. If they are able to do that, their chance to win this game definitely increases. If not, it could be a tough game for the Titans.

3) Bring the pressure

The Titans have not been a team that consistently gets pressure on the quarterback this season. In this game, they need to take advantage of a weak Giants offensive line and get to Eli. The more they are able to hit him and get him off his spots, the more the Titans give themselves a chance to win the game. Also, the more they give themselves an opportunity to force that big turnover during the game.

This is a pivotal three-game stretch this game and the Titans cannot afford to lose any of the remaining games they have. Will they win or won’t they? The onus is squarely on them if they want to increase their chances of making the playoffs.

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