Philadelphia Eagles: The Underdog Within

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  • MINNEAPOLIS — The Philadelphia Eagles were on top of the world this season with Carson Wentz. The second-year quarterback was among the best quarterbacks in the NFL and was also in the MVP conversation. Then, it all came tumbling down for the Eagles. One hit to the knee on a play that did not even count officially and Wentz went limping to the locker room in Week 14 versus the Los Angeles Rams. The Eagles would come back to win that game, but they would also lose their MVP candidate for the rest of the season.

All of a sudden, people began to count them out. Apparently, someone forgot to tell the Eagles about that.

“The main thing coach did was mention that one man can change the game but a team can make the miracle,” said Eagles linebacker Najee Goode when reflecting on what that moment in time was.

Since that moment, the Eagles also lost starting offensive tackle Jason Peters to add to losing Wentz, they have been believing in themselves. And even though the bumps have happened along the way, there is a belief within the team that they can overcome anything and be successful. Despite many thinking they would never make it this far without Wentz, especially, the Eagles embraced the underdog role and have taken that focus all the way to the Super Bowl.

What awaits the Eagles is what many consider the greatest quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady. The Patriots have been on a roll this season after sputtering early on and it seems like everyone is giving them the Lombardi Trophy already. With that being said, and with one of the winningest NFL franchises this century awaiting the Eagles on the other side, you would think the Eagles would be somewhat worried.

But instead of worrying, Eagles linebacker Dannell Ellerbe did nothing of the sort when thinking of the task of taking on Brady.

“Everyone praises him and makes him look like a god, but he is human,” said Ellerbe. “To me, he is the greatest quarterback of all-time and has the rings to prove it. But at the end of the day, he is still human.”

The Eagles may not have all things going in their favor, but the one thing they are used to is the feeling of being counted out. This Super Bowl has them being counted out once again before the game is even played. Before you fit Brady for his sixth ring, though, you may want to give the Eagles some praise and actually think about them winning this game. After all, few thought they would win versus the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings and they did. Even with that, there will be some that do not give them any chance to win. And just like usual, the Eagles are setting out to show them they can handle the pressure and play their role of underdog very well.

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