The Underdog Philadelphia Eagles Prevail

The Eagles finished off their drive they started in the third quarter with a field goal, which was not what they wanted because Tom Brady was sizzling offensively. And in true Tom Brady fashion, he drove the Patriots down the field and planted a pass on tight end Rob Gronkowski for his second touchdown of the game. The extra point would give the Patriots their first lead of the game. At that point, it was the first time extreme pressure was on the Eagles. And with pressure mounting and a fourth down in their own territory, the Eagles went for it. Foles evaded pressure and found his safety valve, tight end Zach Ertz, for a first down by one yard.  From there, Foles and Agholor began to rekindle their magic. The twosome completed two back-to-back passes that resulted in two first downs and brought the Eagles to the Patriots 24 yard line with 3:07 left in the game. Foles went back to Agholor again for another first down. From there, the Eagles would score on a Zach Ertz pass that was beautifully executed by clearing out the backside of the defense to give him a one-on-on matchup. The Eagles would then go for two points to try and give themselves a seen point lead. Unfortunately, it was not complete and the Eagles only had a five-point lead with 2:21 left in the game.

With so much time left in the game, there was that ominous feeling that Brady was going to get the last say in this game. He started with a pass complete to Rob Gronkowski that got them a first down, but on the next play, the Eagles depth on the defensive line would pay dividends. Brandon Graham got a great jump off the football and was able to strip Tom Brady of the ball. Rookie defensive end Derek Barnett was able to recover the fumble and the Eagles were in business again. The only thing the Eagles had to do at this point was to get a first down and the game was over. On first down, the Eagles did not gain much ground and New England called the timeout. On second down, the Patriots stopped the Eagles again and that led to the two-minute warning. On the crucial third down, the Eagles then were not able to get the first down and they sent out the field goal unit to put them up by eight points. Seth Elliot proceeded to go out there and nail a 46 yard field goal with 1:05 seconds left, giving them a 41-33 lead.

No timeouts were left for the Patriots and they had to drive the length of the field and score along with make a two-point conversion. Could Brady do what he had done so many times before? There were some that believed he would but the Eagles made sure to end that with certainty, knocking down a pass in the endzone as the game ended. And just like that, the Eagles are the Super Bowl champs and now no one can ride them for not ever winning anything again.

NFL: FEB 04 Super Bowl LII

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