Patriots QB, Tom Brady “Tommy Salami”

Super Bowl rings, Multiple MVP awards, Pro Bowl games, rewriting record books, and lets not forget a beautiful model wife. What do you get for the guy who has everything? Funny or Die decided that the man who has everything, Tom Brady, needs a new best friend.

The New England Patriots quarterback made his second appearance in another hilarious short on Funny or Die. Last year while in a Los Angeles, “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store, Brady was mocked for his “wicked Boston accent.” Brady, born and raised in California, lacks even the slightest hint of a Boston accent. However the local sales associate and shoppers continued to imitate and frustrate Brady until the notoriously calm and collected quarterback lost his cool. The video has been viewed over 1.8 million times.

Tom Brady and David Neher
Tom Brady and David Neher

This time Brady is back and has mended his relationship with the sales associate, actor David Neher from the Community. Brady and Neher apologize to each other about last year’s incident and seemingly move on with their relationship. Now that the two are on good terms Neher asks Brady to meet his girlfriend and her parents. After a bit of hesitation Brady agrees to the proposition. After introducing the quarterback, Neher begins to babble on about how he has been Brady’s best friend for years.  Brady attempts to correct the situation and establish that he has no relationship whatsoever with the sales associate. Unfortunately for the quarterback, Neher had studied the playbook and with nicknames like, “Tommy Salami” and “Shady Brady” everyone was convinced that Brady and Neher’s friendship was very genuine. Eventually the clingy irritant was too much for Brady to handle as once again he loses control of his temper.

You can watch the video for yourself here:

As the quarterback position draws more attention every year with endorsements and advertisements, Brady made sure to keep up with the pace. In what has been a busy offseason, for all the wrong reasons, in New England Brady was able to draw the attention back onto a lighthearted situation. If his acting skills continue to improve don’t be surprised if you see “Tom-ahawk” in his third installment on Funny or Die next offseason.

Watch this earlier video featuring, Tom Brady’s wicked accent:


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