Patriots break game loose, beat Bills on MNF

A 28-3 Tom Brady against the Buffalo Bills all-time became 29-3 after a victory against the Bills at home, with a final score of 25-6 Patriots. A Bills offense led by Derek Anderson just couldn’t keep up with Brady’s bunch, despite great stops by the Bills defensive unit.

With 3:04 left in the third quarter, Anderson gave up a costly fumble, which led to a Stephen Gostkowski field goal to break New England’s lead from 9-6 to 12-6. Within the first three quarters, New England nearly doubled the Bills in total first downs. After three quarters, New England’s 17 first downs outpaced Buffalo’s mere 9.

Even though the final score showed a rather large deficit in New England’s favor, the Bills defense had a pretty positive outing, with great games out of Matt Milano and Lorenzo Alexander.

Alexander, arguably their best player on defense, tallied two sacks. While players like Milano and Tredavious White disrupted a lot that Brady was trying to accomplish early on.

However, the Bills lost a key piece to their defense during the game, as Tremaine Edmunds left with a concussion.

In the fourth quarter, James White’s 1-yard touchdown run, as well as Devin McCourty’s 84-yard interception return broke the game loose from 12-6, to 25-6.

In the end, the Bills offense couldn’t keep up with Patriots. While the defense has played extremely well against good talent, frustration was felt in the locker room for the entire team.

Running back Lesean McCoy clearly felt a sense of responsibility and a lack of production out of the offense as opposed to the defense, McCoy reflected on the last couple of games and said, “We held Aaron Rodgers to one touchdown. Tom Brady, kind of the same thing. Then we don’t do anything on offense. It’s not fair for them.”

In the final moments of the game, Anderson left with an arm injury. This currently leaves the Bills with one healthy quarterback, Nathan Peterman, against the Chicago Bears, who may be without their star linebacker, Khalil Mack. Still, a challenge looms ahead if the Bills plan on regaining any team confidence.

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