Overheard On Twitter: Player Reactions To MNF Referees

The NFL owners’ lockout of the official NFL referees came to a boiling point in the final seconds of last night’s Monday Night Football game. After a slew of disputable calls were made throughout the game, the referees essentially handed the Seahawks a touchdown on the final play, a Hail Mary from quarterback Russell Wilson to receiver Golden Tate. Replays clearly show that Packers cornerback M.D. Jennings intercepted the ball and was in possession of it when on the ground in the end zone.

Players from around the league voiced their concerns with the botched call and it’s effect on the outcome of the game on Twitter last night. Here’s what Packers players had to say after “losing” the game:

T.J. Lang (Packers OG): Got f—– by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl. … F— it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.

Josh Sitton (Packers OG): Golden tate is full of s— too. Saying he clearly caught that is embarrassing! F—— jokers!

Greg Jennings (Packers WR): #NFL C’MON MAN! Can’t even be upset anymore. All I can do is laugh. Laugh at the #NFL for allowing America’s game to come this. WOW!

Tom Crabtree (Packers TE): 13th man beat us tonight.

Mike McKenzie (Former Packers CB): If the refs can do that than @JonVilma51 should be able to play next game …..

C.J. Wilson (Packers DE): Can’t believe this.. Never seen anything like it.

But that wasn’t the end of it. League-wide, players took to Twitter to let the world know that the lockout of the NFL referees needs to come to an end. Here’s what the rest of the NFL had to say about the Monday Night Football decision:

Drew Brees (Saints QB): I love this league and love the game of football, but tonight’s debacle hurts me greatly. This is NOT the league we’re supposed to represent. … Ironic that our league punishes those based on conduct detrimental. Whose CONDUCT is DETRIMENTAL now?

Jimmy Graham (Saints TE): #MNF circus act…Gruden is right “this is wrong”

Reggie Bush (Dolphins RB): Refs single handedly blew this one…

Brian Hartline (Dolphins WR): I had to check my TV Guide bc for a sec I thought I was watching Punk’d… I was just waiting for Ashton to pop out… Smdh

Visanthe Shiancoe (Patriots TE): As an NFL player.. knowing how much goes into this game.. Its demoralizing & hurts

Darnell Dockett (Cardinals DE): This is what the NFL has come down to, &yet they tell you to respect the shield! Lol. But they’ll try to fine us for everything thing we do.

Derek Hagan (Raiders WR): This is crazy… I’m still SMH… Can’t call it!!!! Refs r a joke…they also missed that O Pass interference on Tate… 2 hand push off

Arian Foster (Texans RB): Drama. Great for business. Godspeed, Ed Hochuli.

Derrick Ward (Texans RB): You have the Immaculate Reception in Pittsburg with Franco Harris and then u have the Immaculate Deception from last night!

Tony Gonzalez (Falcons TE): I’ve been saying give the refs a break but that TD call was ridicules. How do you miss that? Pop Warner refs would have gotten that right.

Jason Taylor (Former NFL WR): Embarrassment for everyone at the NFL. This ref mess is costing people games and is gonna cost someone their health and a JOB soon! #shame

It’s clear that it isn’t just the fans that have taken issue with this lockout. Players have recognized what the NFL owners are doing to the game that we know and love by depriving this game of the referees that are capable of doing the job. Some fans, such as @PackerBadg3rFAN, are pledging to boycott watching NFL games until the lockout ends. Others have said that they are going to send letters to the NFL league office urging them to bring back the real game officials. And some have started a petition asking the owners to end the lockout.

We will continue to keep you updated on all news related to the NFL referees lockout and their negotiations with the owners.

Photo Credit: Otto Greule Jr.

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