When No One Takes The Credit, That is What This is All About -Fellowship for Christian Athletes

Football isn’t just about football. It starts with the man under the mask. The man grounded in faith who uses platform without seeking credit. “When no one takes the credit, that is what this is all about,” Fellowship for Christian Athletes, San Diego County Director, Colin Sinclair said.

Darrell Stuckey (9)
Darrell Stuckey, Chargers Team Captain, Pro Bowl 2015

This was exactly what the 200 local San Diegans came out to experience at the Fellowship for Christian Athletes (FCA). Technique to play ball and inspiration to live like Jesus led by Sinclair alongside Chargers Darrell Stuckey, Jimmy Wilson, Nick Novak and Bucs Vincent Brown.

“Came here with an open heart and big smile, ready to have fun. Gave kids an opportunity that might not get the opportunity to go to a professional athlete’s camp,” the 2015 Pro Bowler Stuckey said.

Jimmy Wilson
Jimmy Wilson, San Diego Local, Charger came from Dolphins

Born and raised San Diegan Jimmy Wilson explained how it felt to be involved with the FCA camp. “It’s great hearing kids say Jesus is in their life. I am glad they see that reflecting off of me. I want them all to keep doing good and keep obeying Jesus.”

Wilson has had a tough journey and even went to jail under false premises on his way to fulfill his NFL calling. During the camp expressed a little of his testimony to the kids, “I had a real, real ruff journey into the NFL. It wasn’t till I found God it became a lot easier. I stopped living for myself and living for God.”

“The players today told me they were nobodies, but with God they became a ‘somebody’. It showed me that I can be capable with the Word of God. Vincent (Brown of the Colts) even spoke to me after camp, he made this cool,” Reggie Brooks of Lincoln High School said about his experience.

Darrell Stuckey (35)
Reggie Brooks and Vincent Brown, WR Indy Colts

The Christ focused players really made an impact on the kids far deeper then their hearts.

“Today,Darrell stood out to me because we are similar and we connected right away. He is a good man. I liked Nick Novak,too. He is a great player and person,”15 year old Brooks said. “I learned from both of these guys to put God first and everything else will fall into place.”

“My favorite part today was working with Jimmy Wilson doing cornerback drills, but also over here hearing him say to focus on the Lord to lead us the right way,” expressed Donavan Scott of Grossmont High School.

Darrell Stuckey (12)
Nick Novak, Chargers Kicker


Andrew Gaston, a young man Stuckey met at church summarized the experience quite well saying, “In the time that I have met Darrell, I have realized he is a good father and husband. I look up to all these players here but mostly for being the Godly men that they are.”Darrell Stuckey (29)

Gaston and all the children in attendance seemed to take away one over arching lesson…that if they honor God, he can take them to places on and off the field beyond their imaginable dreams.

For more on FCA and Darrell, visit their websites FCA.org and  DarrellStuckey.com.

Below are a few snap shots of the time the players spent connecting with the kids. Stuckey Jr even made a special appearance on the field rocking #25 like his pops.



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