On the Set of STARZ Show “Boss” with Rotimi and Rapper T.I.

Tonight on the STARZ network a show called Boss will air the fifth episode of their second season called, “Mania.”

JayBee & Rotimi of STARZ Show the Boss
JayBee styles Rotimi on the set of STARZ show the Boss

ProPlayerInsiders was well represented on the set, as our celebrity barber Jay-Bee Bivins was their to make sure one of the stars of the show, actor Rotimi was fresh to death for the new episode.

JayBee also styled the hair of Boss recurring cast member and rapper T.I. who JayBee says was very professional, down to earth and easy to work with.

Also one set were Kelsey Grammer, Sanaa Lathan, and the amazing Mario Van Pebbles.

JayBee said the experience on Boss inspired him to continue to work hard to get to a higher level andalways be ready for anything.

The new episode of Boss will debut this Friday at 9:00 PM on the Starz network.

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