On August 23, the NFLPA filed its reply to the NFL’s motion to defeat the Players’ collusion case against NFL Owners.

In its filing, the NFLPA informed the Court that in March 2012, once the NFL and Owners believed they were in the clear, they imposed punishments on two teams – the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys — that failed to fully honor the Owners’ illegal conspiracy to collude during the uncapped 2010 season.  Public comments by Owners in March 2012 about those punishments exposed what had been, until then, a carefully concealed agreement to violate the White Stipulation and Settlement Agreement (SSA.)  But now, confronted with a damages claim for their admitted conspiracy, the Owners desperately seek to find some legal argument to shield them from redress for the willful violations of the anti-collusion provisions of the Reggie White antitrust settlement agreement.

The NFLPA’s filing makes clear that each of the NFL’s arguments fails, and the Players have the right to continue to vigorously pursue full legal remedies for the NFL’s egregious violations.  Oral arguments on the case will be heard by Judge David Doty on September 6, 2012 in Minneapolis.

– NFL Players Association

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