NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Game is a Wrap!

For the second year in a row, Coach Dick Vermeil’s National Team outplayed American Team to take the win. This year, Coach Herm Edward’s American Team didn’t get a chance to make it to the end zone after having five turnover.  The final score was 34-0.

Winnol, a new advertising concept, which brings consumers, content providers, advertisers, and retailers to one platform sponsored the game. Paramijt Bedi, founder and CEO of Winnol, said, “Winnol is proud to partnered with NFLPA, we have the same goal, for the win!”

The game MVP was Dayne Crist of Kansas who had seven completions overall, threw for a TD and ran in a touchdown on a qb sneak in the first half alone.

Below is Pro Player Insiders exclusive post game interview with Crist:

How was the overall NFLPA Collegiate Bowl experience?

I was absolutely blown away just with the entire week, it was a great experience. Everyone involved did such a great job creating the best experience possible for us.

What was one word of wisdom that you’ll take away from this week?
The overall tutoring from the guys that had long careers in the NFL, both coaches and players, and whether they’re speaking about football or life in general, I mean, your pen has to be going non-stop… You want to mimic and emulate the careers of these great guys that are all around us, so I just tried to be a sponge the entire week and just soak up any piece of wisdom or insight I could gain.

So you graduated from Notre Dame then went straight to Kansas… After 3 and a half years under that system, you had to learn a totally different offense once you transferred, and again this week. What’s that like, you pick things up pretty quickly?
Ya, with the NCAA transfer rule, one time, one for one, where you can play right away if you’ve already graduated. So I went to graduate school at KU… but ya, I try to be as coachable as possible. I spend a lot of time in preparation, at the quarterback position, it’s so important to be able to learn quickly and talk a different language and the different verbiage, ya know, it’s all over the place so to be the best, you’ve got to pick that up very quickly.

Where are you going to go from here?
After this, I’m flying to New Jersey to train. I’ll be out there for about a month. Then, get ready for pro day at KU on March 15th.

Are you a little sad about putting on the KU helmet for the last time?
Ya, it’s definitely a little bitter sweet but excited for the next step!

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