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Hawaii swapped for Arizona, one college dominates on the courts, Draft Day premier and draftee predictions continue, all a few of this weeks quick hits.  NFL announced that the 2015 Pro Bowl is going west for a year to Glendale, but back to the islands in 2016.  One week before SB49, The Pro Bowl is slated to be in Arizona at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday January 25, 2015.  It’s the first time since 2010 that the same venue will host both.

In other sports

Hoops to start, UCONN athletes dominates in all genders The Huskies take home their 4th NCAA Championship in 16 years one day later the women finish 40-0 and clinch their 9th title. It’s safe to say that UCONN has dynamite Basketball Program.  Congrats to all the Huskies! All the while Kentucky head coach, John Calipari is pursued by one of the biggest notable franchises in the NBA. The diamond is up and running full force with 150 plus or minus regular seasons games remaining barely making a dent into the long hall of a season. America’s past time is here, quote-un-quote, baseball is in full swing!

To the Draft


But hold your horses!! May 8-10 is less than a month away; yes the long anticipated NFL Draft is just around the corner. What we know is who has the first 3 picks , at least at the moment,             1. Texans 2. Rams 3. Jaguars.   But who’ll be the first 3 picks? Trying to predict a teams picks is almost like guessing how many jelly beans are in a bowl, you can get ball park close but in actuality it simply a ton of predictions. Mock drafts, predictions vs. needs, through in trades, phone calls, coaches vs. GM’s, the saying “Your guess is as good as mine” has a lot of validity.

JC_Copeland photo ©desireastorga
J.C. Copeland, Nationals MVP at NFLPA Bowl ©desireeastorga

But as always quote un quote it’s a QB driven league btw I hate that I’m a minority I like defensive low scoring battles, smash mouth football. The role of the almost forgotten full back breaks my heart. People said that Ladainian Tomlinson had lost it after averaging 1,546 yards a year with 91 TDs in the 5 years that Lorenzo Neal was leading him and after that 1,100 and 11 TDs while Drew Pinnock paving lanes, but they failed to address the loss of a fullback, sure they had a “FB” truly a halfback, not a true FB, along with the loss of the O line. There has to be a run! I did pre-warn you! With that rant out of the way, I reached out to former NFL QB and current college analyst, Kevin O’Connell and asked him my random unpopular question, FB’s?

CRAIG "Buster" Davis ©désiréeastorga
Craig “Buster” Davis #FBF 2007 Chargers Rd 1 pick Photo ©

You can’t predict the multiple phone calls deals & trades going on even minutes before a pick, just like you can’t pick the bust either.

#FBF Chargers first pick in the 2007 draft was Craig “Buster” Davis, who inevitably was plagued with injuries. Following him at #30 were Sydney Rice and Steve Smith.  Coaches want to get the best 53 players on their football program, period, point blank, but picking the winning choice is a multi dimensional one that is much like a chess match throw in a little fortune telling to and you might be close.

Rams GM Les Snead, “I think the way to get it right is you make the right decision for the organization, and I like to say you make the best decision long term because the short term is by definition short—it won’t last as long,” Snead said. “But because this draft is really good, it’s a good chance for us to take some shots with picks in this draft to improve the team. Not only tomorrow and opening day, but also four and five years down the road.”

Changing positions? Recently the conversation came up with 2 draft prospects, 6’6” 260 pd Logan Thomas from Virginia Tech, who had a 35 vertical jump and ran a 4.6 flat at the Combine a few teams having him out to be a TE. Also, Troy’s 6’1” 208 pd QB, Corey Robinson whom at 30-32 broke Steve Sarkasian’s NCAA record for completions last season, Robinson is being sought after as a WR. I tend to think of Tim Tebow someone I never saw fit to be a QB but had an amazing magical precedence, leadership and a TE/RB physique. I think these assets could of brought a long-term spot as a TE on a roster for him. Is this what Teams scouts are seeing? Or am I completely of base?

Draft Day coming to a theatre near you……Friday!

No, its not May 8th yet and your not in New York, you remember all the movie PR going nuts at all week at SB48, well the long anticipated premier of Draft Day is here, Friday April 11.  Rookie screenwriter Rajiv Joseph makes his film debut, starring no other than Kevin Costner. It’s actually bizarre how much football media has covered the movie,

Costner talks new film” – ESPN.



Finally an extended happy 78th birthday wish to the one and only John Madden, HOFer, legend, Super Bowl Champ and my favorite all time color analyst.

johnmaddenI always dreamed to work with him and Al Michaels on MNF and wipe away his wax diagram and ask what about this John, as I took his wax crayon and did my own diagram.

Thanks for running around with me for a few minutes, only fitting to leave you with this.

“Coaches have to watch for what they don’t want to see and listen to what they don’t want to hear.” John Madden


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