NFL Roommates: HOF Kellen Winslow Sr. and Russell Wilson’s Dad

kellan winslow

Kellen Winslow Sr. is a former San Diego Charger who is no stranger to making an average interview entertaining. He is recognized as one of the greatest tight ends in history and is a proud member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Winslow’s son, Kellen Winslow Jr., is also has been a tight end in the NFL for over eight seasons and is currently free agent. This San Diego family enjoys traditions on the field and in the kitchen, which is exactly why Winslow attended the Taste of the NFL. Winslow has been an active participant with the Taste of NFL Super Bowl Event that helps raise funds for food banks in each NFL city nationwide.


Pro Player Insider’s, Theresa Villano, ran into the humorous Mr. Winslow at the Chargers booth in the New Orleans Convention Center, just as his stomach was rumbling.

Pro Player Insiders: What brings you here today, Kellen?

Kellen Winslow: I was hungry (chuckles and look over at the food).


PPI: What foods (NFL city restaurant samples) here at the Taste of the NFL do you recommend ?

kellen winslow chargers

K.W.: Anything related to San Diego is great. Go to the tables related to San Diego. What I don’t understand is why our table is not elevated three feet higher than everybody elses.


PPI: Sounds like you’re a Bolt Up brother!

K.W.: We (San Diego Chargers) deserve that. We really do.


K.W.: I don’t know. I think he’s in Maui right now enjoying the weather and working on his tan. So, he’s good. He’s good.

PPI: So football runs in your family. What’s up with your son (Kellen Winslow Jr. current free agent playing for the Browns, Bucs, Seahawks,Patriots)  these days


PPI: We have spoke of family  and football, but now let’s tie in food. Are there any traditional recipes that run in your family that your wife cooks, that your son begs for, that you can throw down? What recipes are in the Winslow house?

K.W.: Anything his (Kellen Jr’s) grandmother, my mother cooks, we eat. Just all kinds of stuff. She gets very creative. My mother could be the queen of “how to make leftovers very tasty.” I’m not sure if it’s the olive oil she uses. She’s Sicilian by the way. It’s just what she does with food.

PPI: What’s your go to meal when you’re in a hurry, Kellen?

K.W.: Fruit. Get a knife, get a piece of fruit, cut it up, and it’s a great meal.

PPI: There’s a lot of young rookies out there this season including Russell Wilson and RGIII. What players have you been watching this season?

K.W.: Russell Wilson! Russell’s dad and I were roommates as rookies when we attended San Diego. So it’s that tie that you do have. I watch Russell very closely.

wilson and winslow
PPI: Who will be in Super Bowl 2014?

K.W.: I’m sure the Chargers!

Interview by Theresa Villano


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